Dog in bath sitting next to white shampoo bottle.

For professional dog groomers there are fewer more gut wrenching feelings than going to wash a dog and realising the shampoo bottle you swore had a little bit left is empty. No one likes being caught out like this, so it’s essential for professional dog groomers to have a steady flow of shampoo coming into their business.

But regularly ordering shampoo and managing the amount you have in your salon can be quite a time-consuming task. With endless amounts of admin, dealing with slow websites, entering bank details and organising deliveries, it’s too much for busy pet groomers to deal with on a regular basis.

Dog grooming shampoo subscriptions are a fantastic alternative to dealing with all this previously mentioned faff and actually have a lot more benefits to them than meets the eye.

Let’s dive into the top reason professional dog groomers should have shampoo subscriptions:

1. Big Savings –

Most dog grooming shampoo subscriptions actually sell their shampoos at a discounted price point. The amount you get discounted varies between companies, but personally at Groomarts we offer a generous 15% discount on every bottle to anyone who subscribes to one of our shampoos.

That means if you were to subscribe to one of our Groomarts 5L shampoos you would be saving £6.99 with every bottle you get. Which if you use around 1 bottle of shampoo each month, saves you around £83.99 a year! That’s enough to buy a brand-new pair of high-end scissors!

When running your own business (as many pet groomers do) saving money wherever you can is important for your bottom line. Getting a shampoo subscription is one of a few ways you can save some serious money whilst not having to sacrifice on any of the services you provide.

2. Convenience –

English cocker spaniel dog taking a shower with shampoo, soap and water in a bathtub

Setting time aside to buy dog grooming shampoo is a regular occurrence for most professional pet groomers. The task itself is simple but the amount of repetitive admin it requires can be time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s where the beauty of dog grooming shampoo subscriptions comes in! As long as you continue to stay subscribed, your shampoo will automatically be delivered to you without any hassle or faff! Showing up at your salon or home when you need it!

This automation allows you to cross one important task off your list and focus on delivering a high quality groom for your clients!

3. Consistency –

Another benefit to having a professional dog grooming shampoo subscription is an added sense of consistency that can come through in your grooms. This consistency comes from the quality of bath that you can give your dog’s thanks to an endless supply of high quality dog grooming shampoo.

From experience we can tell you that a lot of pet owners value consistency in how their dog is groomed. This consistency that they like isn’t just in how they look but also in how they feel and smell. Having a high quality dog grooming shampoo that you always use on the same dogs is important for maintaining this consistency that a lot of your clients will be looking for.

In Conclusion:

Shampoo subscriptions are one of the most under utilised money and time savings method you can find in professional dog grooming. We recommend you make the choice and make your life that little bit easier by signing up for a shampoo subscription.

If you’re interested in finding your next shampoo subscription, we have a range of shampoos you can subscribe to receive here.

As always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below and one of our team of professional pet groomers will get back to you.


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