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In the dog grooming equipment industry traditionally the needs of left-handed dog groomers have been ignored by equipment manufacturers. Particularly when it comes to grooming scissors, with manufacturers choosing to make the more common right-handed dog grooming scissors over the less common left-handed scissor.

This exercise in cutting costs leaves left handed dog groomers in the lurch when it comes to their scissor work. With many of them forced to use right handed scissors upside down in order to find any form of comfort whilst carrying out scissor work. 

This unorthodox hand positioning causes scissors to not work properly, making left handed groomers need to apply more pressure to scissors than normal to achieve straight cuts. Sometimes causing hair to fold over scissor blades, not cutting at all.

But worry not left handed dog groomers, your time to shine has finally come! With pioneering companies like ours refusing to let anything stand in your way from being the best dog groomer you can be! Making left handed dog grooming scissors for you to use that are 1) High quality 2) Fairly priced to match the cost of any of our right handed dog grooming scissors.

So with that in mind let’s dive into 4 things you need to consider in your new pair of left handed dog grooming scissors!

1. Blades

Arguably the most important part of any pair of scissors are the blades (after all they are what does most of the hard work!). Believe it or not, not all scissor blades are the same and there are actually a variety of blade types to consider when buying your next pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors.

Blade Types:

  • Bevelled Blades: A standard and more common scissor blade, featuring a micro serrated edge. This slightly serrated edge holds the hair and stops it from being pushed forward whilst cutting. These blades work well for basic blunt cutting but struggle when trying to carry out more advanced cutting techniques.
  • Convex Blades: An extremely sharp and effective scissor blade, featuring a flat edge that provides straight exact cuts. Effective in carrying out any scissor technique, from standard haircuts, all the way through to more complex texturising techniques.
Close up of an open silver scissor sitting on a black background.

All of the scissors sold at Groomarts have convex blades. We decided to go with these blades due to their higher quality and the access they give the groomers who use them to more advanced techniques.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER when looking to buy a pair of left-handed scissors is the positioning of the blades. If when you lay the scissor down on their back the right blade is on top they are NOT LEFT-HANDED SCISSORS. If the left blade is on top they ARE LEFT-HANDED SCISSORS. So make sure to bear this in mind when you pick up your next set of dog grooming shears.

2. Handle Type

There are a few different handle types to consider when choosing your next pair of left-handed grooming scissors. This is an important consideration, as the type of handle you use will effect how comfortable your scissor feels to hold.

Handle Types:

  • Opposing Handle: With your two finger rests sitting directly opposite each other. This used to be the most popular form of scissor handle becoming an industry standard. Although due to extensive research it has now become clear that using scissors with this kind of handle can lead in some cases to carpal tunnel. So best to avoid this handle for scissors you’ll be using frequently.
  • Offset Handle: A modern scissor handle that has the bottom finger rest sit slightly further towards you, ‘offset’ from the top handle. This handle is now becoming the norm for all scissors as it makes scissors vastly more ergonomic to hold and makes scissor work overall easier!

Every left-handed dog grooming scissor we sell at Groomarts features the previously mentioned offset handle. Making all of our scissors a dream to hold whilst reducing fatigue, meaning that you can continue your scissor work for an extended period of time.

close up of a scissor handle.

3. Material

The material your left-handed scissors are made from is also an incredibly important component to consider when choosing a pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors. The material your scissor is made from affects 1) The sharpness of your scissor blades. 2) The durability of your scissors.


  • Stainless Steel: The most commonly used material for dog grooming scissors. Reliable, durable and easy to sharpen.
  • Titanium: Another strong and reliable material. Easier to sharpen than stainless steel which makes scissors last much longer. The main drawback is this material makes scissors significantly more expensive.
  • Metal Alloy: A mix of strong metals including stainless steel that form a durable and effective scissor blade. This material is incredibly easy to resharpen, meaning that if scissors made from this material are looked after they can last your whole career!

All the scissors sold at Groomarts are made from the previously mentioned metal alloy. We find making our left handed scissors from this material allows us to charge a more competitive price point. Whilst ensuring that the groomers who use them still have the highest quality blades.

4. Scissor Types

There are many different types of scissors that pet groomers have at their disposal when taking on haircuts. Unfortunately for left-handed groomers, their options are limited in the types of scissors which are made for them. But worry no longer because at Groomarts we make left-handed scissors of every type. Ensuring every pet groomer can have access to the tools they need to reach their full potential.

Scissor Types:

  • Straight: The most common dog grooming scissor. Used on all sections of a dog’s coat. Great for line work and achieving all basic haircuts. Every groomer needs a reliable straight scissor to become the centrepiece or their scissor set.
  • Curved: A curved scissor blade allows you to naturally contour the curved sections of a dog’s body (areas like: ribs, back of legs & face). Also unlocks more creative styles of cutting, helping you create defined shapes.
  • Chunker: A unique scissor featuring two different blades. With one of these blades featuring 18 ‘T’ shaped teeth. These teeth comb out small sections of hair for cutting, allowing you to remove unwanted scissor marks and leave a natural finish (Also available curved).
  • Thinner: The perfectionists grooming scissors. Features 46 tightly spaced teeth that work in a similar way to the previously mentioned chunkers. Allowing you to fine tune haircuts and create interesting textures in a dog’s coat.

At Groomarts we believe it’s important for every groomer to have access to a full set of high quality dog grooming scissors. No matter which hand you prefer to use day to day!

4 Scissors Resting on a black table.

In Conclusion:

We hope after reading this, you have a better grasp of the things to consider when buying a pair of left-handed dog grooming scissors. Fortunately, left handed groomers have more options than ever when it comes to finding the perfect pair of dog grooming scissors for them.
We of course encourage you to do all the research you can and weigh up your decisions before jumping in to buying your scissors. But as mentioned in this blog we have an extensive range of left handed scissors available at Groomarts. If you’re interested in checking them out, hit the link here.


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