Whether you are a groomer, your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is a groomer, we’ve got some awesome stocking filler ideas for you this Christmas. 

1. Slicker Brush

Every groomer needs a strong collection of reliable slicker brushes. This is probably the most important piece of equipment, especially now as there are a lot of curly coated dogs around and most groomers’ books will be filled with Cockapoos and Cavapoos. Therefore a reliable, easy to use and effective slicker brush is a necessity in your stocking. 

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2. Comb 

With every great groom there is a strong, sturdy comb behind it, shaping, fluffing and molding a beautiful style and finish. You will rarely see a groomer without a comb in their scissor pouch, and most groomers will probably have around 2-3 different combs. If you are looking for an everyday comb that is robust and reliable and doesn’t break the bank then ours is the one to put in your stocking! 

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Grooming Comb for Groomers

3. Vanity Case

The new year calls for a new look! 2022 is all about style and sophistication, and nothing screams style and sophistication more than your very own grooming case. To easily organise and store all of your grooming equipment in one place, this Vanity case is exactly what you need in your stocking this Christmas! A grooming case with this many compartments will make your life a lot easier in 2022. 

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Grooming Tools Case for Groomers
Vanity Case for Grooming Tools

4. Scissors

You will never go wrong with a brand new pair of grooming scissors as a gift to a dog groomer. Honestly, we can never have enough scissors (even though enough is enough Karen) ‚Äď but honestly, we can‚Äôt, we love them. They not only help us get through every single day of our career but they also make us feel good. The same way an IPhone makes some people feel good, our grooming scissors do the same thing. They‚Äôre our identity and we are always on the hunt for new pairs. The more unique and beautiful they are without compromising on quality the better and that is exactly what our new ranges of Passion, Flame and Ember scissors are.

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Dog Grooming Scissors

5. Nail Clippers

These are a perfect stocking filler! We have small, medium and large sustainable walnut wood nail clippers. The spring makes them really easy to use with little grip applied, the blades are sharp and strong making it really easy to clip through even the toughest nails, and our small clippers are perfect size for cats. Clipping nails is not an easy task, so making sure you have reliable, trusty and easy to use ones to help get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible is a must!

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Nail Clippers for Dog Groomers

Whatever you end up buying for the ones you love this Christmas, just remember the greatest gift you can truly give is your time, your effort and your affections.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Groomarts xoxo


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