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Dog’s make fantastic companions in every area of life. They stick by your side through thick and thin and have always got your back, just like you’ve got theirs.

But sometimes it isn’t so nice to have your pup by your side and that’s when they smell! Whether they are prone to rolling around in the mud on their outdoor adventures or they’re just a bit gassy, no smell quite matches that of a stinky pup. Especially when you have guests coming into your home.

That’s why having a dog cologne can be a great solution to allow you to have your pup by your side all the time (even when they would usually be a little stinky to sit beside)!

So let’s dive into the top benefits of using dog colognes for your fluffy friend:

Eliminate nasty odours:

Dogs can pick up a lot of different scents during their daily life. Whether they happen to roll in the wrong thing in the garden or jump in a puddle on their daily walk, it’s easy for your dog to pick up random smells from its environment.

The great thing about a proper dog grooming cologne is that any unpleasant odours your dog picks up can be easily and naturally neutralised with only a couple squirts of a high quality cologne (length of time the scent will last will vary depending on the quality of the cologne you buy).

If you pick up a high quality cologne like one of ours (which you can find here) you can expect nasty odours to be naturalised for up to 48 hours! Leaving behind the beautiful scent of your choice.

Create a calming ‘safety scent’:

As you may know, a dog’s sense of smell is incredibly powerful (10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human’s). As this sense is strong for dogs it becomes an integral part of their daily life. Helping them analyse the environment around them and identify whether things are friends or foes. This means that whatever your dog is smelling can seriously affect their mood!

Dog’s also have an incredibly good scent memory, meaning that if they smell a familiar scent that they associate with something good: E.G cooking bacon if you ever choose to share a small piece with them. Will cause their tails to wag with excitement.

Through the use of dog cologne you can create a similar happy association with the smell of the cologne. Meaning that whenever your dog gets a whiff of themselves they will be reminded of something nice! For example, if when you apply the cologne, you always follow up by giving your dog lots of calming pats and loving attention they will begin to associate that scent with receiving love from you. Meaning that whenever they get a whiff of themselves wearing the cologne they will feel calmed and relaxed. 

You can find a scent that helps express your dog’s personality:

There are a ton of different dog cologne available for you to buy today. Ranging from knock offs of popular human scents to more traditional doggy designed fragrances.

At Groomarts we focus on making scents that we feel match the personalities of the dogs we see everyday come through our academy. This led us to produce the following 3 scents:

Birthday Cake.

dog grooming cologne bottle sitting on a white background.

A sweet blueberry scented cake scent. When creating this one we had all the lively dogs in mind. With tails ever wagging and also wanting to play with their favourite toy! Grab this dog grooming cologne here if you’ve got a fun loving lively pup at home.

Paradise Island.

A refreshing tropical smell that will take you back to the days of your favourite holidays drinking cocktails on the beach. We designed this one with all lovey dovey dogs in mind. The sweet pups that always want cuddles and their greatest joy is being by your side. If you’ve got a lover boy/girl at home and want them to smell like it, you can find this dog cologne here.

Baby Fresh.

An accurate and soothing baby powder scented dog cologne. We made this scent with the calmer quiet pups in mind. They are a type of pup who’s content in their own world and happy living life at their own pace. If you’ve got a zen pup at home you can grab this dog cologne here.

In Conclusion:

Overall dog grooming colognes are an amazing addition to your at home grooming routine. Allowing you to keep your dog smelling fresh and clean all the time (even in between their regular bathing schedule).

If you want to ditch the stink you can find our 3 dog colognes on our website here.


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