Cute dog sitting on top of a grooming table with a bottle of spray in front of it.

Finishing sprays are an amazing and under appreciated dog grooming tool. As soon as they were introduced they quickly became commonplace in dog grooming salons across the globe. The reason for this speedy adoption by the professional dog grooming community was due to the shear usefulness of the sprays themselves.

The finishing sprays make life easier for professional pet groomers. Making tasks that you used to take an extremely long time like drying coats and brushing out tangles, a lot quicker and more convenient.

These fantastic sprays that used to only be found in salons have now all become commonly available for pet owners to buy and use for themselves at home. Allowing dog owners to achieve salon levels grooming results whilst never having to leave the comfort of their own bathrooms.

Interested in upgrading your at home dog grooming game and making life easier for yourself in the process? Well read on to find our top 3 dog grooming finishing spray recommendations for all pet owners who groom dogs at home:

Super Fast Dry Spray

Dog Grooming Finishing Spray bottle surrounded by orange liquid.

Dog Grooming Super Fast Dry Spray has to be one of the most useful finishing sprays to ever be introduced to salon life. If you’re not familiar, drying a dog’s coat after a sudsy bath and rinse can take a very VERY long time (especially if your pup has a thick coat like a German Shepherd).

In professional grooming salons, it usually takes the power of industrial grade hair dryers to fully dry a dog’s coat, even then taking upwards of 20 minutes in some cases. For those at home who only have access to a normal hair dryer and a towel this process can take even longer!

That’s where Super Fast Dry Spray comes in! Simply applying a few spirtz of this spray over a dog’s wet coat can practically cut the time it takes to dry their coat in half. Making your life easier and helping you avoid any wet coat related tantrums after bath time!

If you’re interested in speeding up your at home grooming routine you can find our Super Fast Dry Spray here. It has a refreshing pineapple scent that will leave your pet smelling like a dream. Just click here to view on our website!

DeTangle & Conditioning Spray

Dog Grooming Spray Bottle surrounded by red liquid.

Dog Grooming DeTangle & Conditioning Spray is another incredibly useful dog grooming finishing spray. Designed for use after bath time when a dog’s coat (especially curly haired breeds like Cockapoos) need a lot of brushing.

Brushing a dog’s coat properly is incredibly important for its health and happiness. As this brushing makes sure to remove any tangles and prevent matts from building up in a dog’s coat. Stopping matts from forming is essential, as if they are left alone they can lead to a variety of different skin and health issues for pets.

That’s why professional dog groomers use DeTangle & Conditioning spray to hep them make light work of tangles and matts during the brushing process. Simply spray some on a dog’s coat and brush through with your usual grooming brush. This spray will help loosen up any tangles whilst simultaneously conditioning the dog’s coats. Meaning that their coats will feel softer than ever after you’re done brushing them!

If you’re interested in making brushing time a breeze at home you can find our DeTangle & Conditioning Spray on our website right now! It has an exciting tropical scent that will leave your dog smelling gorgeous for the rest of that day. Just click here to view it on our website!

Dog Colognes

Dog Cologne bottle with dog with rainbow hair on the front.

Dog Grooming Colognes are an overlooked and under appreciated tool that many pet owners don’t realise professional groomers even use in salons. They make the perfect finishing touch to any groom and leave your dog with a fantastic and consistent scent that will last all day.

Whether you’ve got a mucky pup who always finds a way to get himself stinky or your dog just farts a lot! You should consider picking up a dog grooming cologne and give your dog a consistent a fresh scent that you and anyone who meets your pet will enjoy.

Each pet is an individual and just like us when we pick out a new perfume, they deserve a wonderful scent that suits them. That’s why at Groomarts we sell 3 varying cologne scents, to allow you to choose the one that best suits your dog. These are:

Birthday Cake

A wonderful blueberry birthday cake scent that brings out the fun in any lively pup! A celebratory scent that matches their enthusiastic personality that makes them a delight to be around.

Paradise Island

A sweet and refreshing tropical scent that is suited for any of your snuggly pups out there. With the sweet and soothing scent matching their cuddly personality and making them a delight to cuddle up with.

Baby Fresh

A baby powder inspired scent suited to our calmer and more dignified pups. With a calming and fresh scent which matches their calm and relaxed personality.

If you’re interested in upgrading your pup’s scent without breaking the bank, then you can find all our previously mentioned dog grooming colognes on our website here!

In Conclusion:

Dog Grooming Finishing Sprays are a very useful must have for pet owners who do any sort of grooming at home. So why not make your life easier and pick up one of our dog grooming finishing sprays today and transform grooming time from a nightmare into an easy dream.

You can find them all on our website by clicking here!


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