It’s back to school time! Summer’s over and no matter whether you’d rather be back on the beach sipping a Pinã Colada, you’ve got a lot to prepare for. It’s almost time for your family’s first public appearance in months and you’re going to guarantee they are looking their best. You get new uniforms for the kids that refuse to stop growing, beautiful haircuts that quickly get ruined and you buy all the most fashionable stationary so they look great in that classroom.

The list feels endless, but you march on anyway because you care about your family and how they look arriving at those school gates. This year you’re going for the spotlight! But wait… Isn’t there one more family member you forgot? The one that has been patiently panting by your side. Your dog!

Your dog is an important member of your family and is a big part of your family image. If you show up with a scruffy looking dog your time in the spotlight could be in jeopardy! But don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Below are the 4 best grooming tools we’ve got that you can use at home to get your dog looking stunning before his public appearance.

Back to school

The Best Dog Grooming Products:

2 in 1 Deshedding Palm Brush:

Where else to start when getting your dog looking good then in the bath! With this multipurpose brush you can really dig deep into your dog’s fur during bath time. Removing any nasty dirt, debris or oily residue that could be affecting the look and feel of your dog’s coat. This brush also doubles up as a standard deshedder for short coated dogs with the bristles working great to remove old hair from your dog’s top coat.

Speaking of the bristles, your dog will absolutely thank you for using this brush as the soft but sturdy rubber bristles massage their skin. This lovely massage not only feels great but also encourages hair growth and improves circulation.

Overall this palm brush is a great tool for cleaning up your dog’s coat whether in or out of the bath. Helping you to get them looking great when they arrive at those school gates.

Coat King Double Sided:

This is a great and easy to use tool for getting all the dead and trapped hairs out of your dog’s coat. This tool works great on all areas of your dog thanks to the different sized blades on either side of it.

You can use the thinner blades on the more sensitive areas of your dog like their legs, chest and bum. Whilst you can use the thicker blades over all the other areas of your dog’s coat. The blades of this brush simply glide through the coat picking up all the dead and trapped hairs along the way.

This is an effective tool for some quick touch ups on your dog’s coat making them feel more comfortable and also having them looking amazing on back to school day.

Need a lesson on how to use our coat king double sided deshedding tool? We’ve got you covered – check out our short video by the grooming expert Laura Campanella. 


Slicker Brush:

The tool that really gets down and deep into your dog’s coat. This sleek wooden brush uses its angled teeth to dive into your dog’s coat and get out any stubborn matted pieces of hair and tangles.

Tangles in your dog’s coat don’t just look bad, if left too long tangles can lead to serious skin problems and irritation for your dog. So dealing with them as soon as you spot them is the best thing you can do.

The brush has a built in air pad, allowing it to flex and adapt to any shape of dog it touches. Making it perfect for all breed types.

An overall awesome tool for keeping your dog healthy and happy but also looking sharp at drop off time.

Nail Clippers: 

Finally, we come to our stunning nail clippers. Just like people’s nails it’s pretty easy to notice when a dog’s nails haven’t been looked after. That’s why before you pull up to the school gates you should really consider trimming your dog’s nails and not just your kids!

Leaving a dog’s nails too long is also dangerous for them, with long nails increasing the risk of them chipping, tearing, ripping or breaking. So it’s best to deal with them before they get too long. These clippers are incredibly easy to use with the sharp blades cutting through any nail with ease.

So don’t be afraid to get these clippers out, not only to keep your pooch looking good but happy and healthy too.

Is your WHOLE family ready for back to school? 

If you’re not sure your dog is looking their best, then there’s still time before school starts to fluff up that fur and have them looking great alongside you on back to school day. Just visit our online store now to get your hands on the dog grooming products you need to make sure your WHOLE family is shining bright at those school gates.


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