4 Steps to the Perfect Doggy Date Night

Our favourite annual holiday is coming up, and we’ve got some Valentine’s Day date night ideas for you and your pet to enjoy. Because after all, who loves you more than your pet? 

1. Treat them to a home cooked meal

If your pet is anything like our pets, they are constantly trying to pinch food off of your plate at dinner time, even if the food in question is a Brussel Sprout. So we think that the most romantic and loving thing you could do for your pet this Valentine’s day is treat them to a gourmet, home cooked meal. Boil up some chicken and veggies, add some wholegrain rice and serve it with a side order of your pets favourite naughty treat (like Pâté). 

Dog Dinner Date

2. Treat them to some new treats 

Our pets love treats, so a good Valentine’s day gift idea is getting them some new treats to try. Splurge a little on some fancy organic ones, or a special meat blend and see their little eyes light up with joy. You can treat yourself at the same time to some yummy chocolates - then you both get to feel the love. Keep your eyes peeled for what we’ve got coming for you this Spring... ;)  

Dog Treats

3. Treat them to a home groom 

With our eco-friendly, expert pet care and styling tools, you can treat your dog to a relaxing and soothing deep clean pamper session this Valentine’s day. Our grooming tools are designed for maximum comfort and cleaning, meaning your pet will be feeling refreshed and loved by the end of your date night. There is nothing our pets love more than being loved and cared for by their favourite human in the world. 

Dog Groom

4. Treat them to a warm bubble bath 

This is more of a treat for you, as there is nothing better than a fresh smelling, squeaky clean pet, and we’ve got the perfect tool to make giving your dog a relaxing bath this Valentine’s day! Our bath brush is super easy to use, making bath time a whole lot quicker. The large rubber bristles get deep into the fur, quickly removing dirt and massaging your pet's coat for a soothing bathing experience. It feels nice for your pet and makes your life easier. 

Dog Bath Pamper

We hope you and your pet enjoy Valentine’s day!

Let us know what you get up to :)