How to brush a curly coat dog

We all know it can be quite a struggle to keep on top of brushing your curly coat dog. Whether it’s which methods to use, which brushes to use or where to begin, we often find ourselves looking for help. That’s why we have taken the time to help guide you with your dog grooming concerns. This blog will help you with grooming your dog comfortably as well as recommend which brushes to use to ensure your dog looks dazzling.

How To Begin Brushing Your Curly Coat Dog:

A common mistake while brushing any curly coat dog is brushing straight through the fur from top to bottom or side to side. This method is ineffective as it will not remove the knots in the fur and will cause your dog discomfort.

The best way to begin brushing your curly coat is to: hold the fur with one hand (as this will spread the fur and make it easier to brush) then brush a small area each time. This will help remove the knots from the fur and be much more comfortable for your dog.

Please ensure that you listen for knots while brushing, you will know when you have removed all of the knots as you will no longer hear or feel the resistance while brushing your dog, and the brushes will become smooth and effortless.

What are the best grooming brushes for dogs? We recommend trying our new addition, the rectangle medium pin slicker brush for brushing your curly coat dog. You could also try our medium slicker brush which is an outstanding brush for detangling your dog's fur effortlessly and ensuring they are happy.

Combing Your Curly Hair Dog:

Another helpful tip for brushing your curly coat dog is using a comb to gently run through the fur, feeling for any excess knots. You can use this method to know which areas you need to continue to brush. For this, we recommend our fabulous stainless steel comb, which will help you finish your grooming with ease.

Make sure you check all areas of the fur using this method as you may cause your dog unnecessary pain and we are certain that you want your dog to look outstanding as well as feel comfortable.


We hope this dog grooming guide has helped you and answered any concerns that you may have. To conclude our guide on how to brush a curly coat dog, please remember these three steps.

1. Hold the fur down with one hand and brush with the other.

2. Brush a small area each time.

3. Use a comb to check for any knots.

You can also check out some of our other dog grooming brushes such as our multipurpose comb which will help remove tangles and knots and can be used with wet or dry fur, our professional large slicker brush for bigger dogs, and lastly our short pin oval slicker brush to help with grooming your dog comfortably and effortlessly.