Top 5 products to start your grooming career

It’s a new year, and that means a new you is on the way, and whether you have just started a new career in professional dog grooming or you are considering one, we’ve got some advice to get you started off on the right foot. The most important thing to have when you start your grooming career is a good set of tools and equipment. We've listed 5 of our must haves for your 2022 career. 

1. Grooming Scissors
The first thing you should invest in, and we really mean invest, is a professional set of grooming scissors that you feel comfortable using everyday. These don’t have to be fancy, and you don’t have to break the bank, but definitely make sure they are good quality and comfortable for you to use. There are a number of different styles and makes you can go for, and there are plenty out there on the market to choose from - some good, some bad.

If you are not able to try the scissors out before you buy them then the best thing is to buy your set from a reputable brand with a lot of expert knowledge and experience to make sure you are getting a good set. Getting a complete set is also really important and will instantly elevate your grooming confidence, as will an attractive and good quality scissor. Check out our Passion Dragon complete scissor set to see what a top quality, professional pair of grooming scissors looks like. 

Curved Flame Scissors Dog Grooming Scissors in Use Grooming Scissors 2. Pouch

Not only is a stylish and sleek grooming pouch a great accessory to have and wear around the salon, as it makes you feel very accomplished and put together, but it is also highly practical, and can make your job and life a lot easier. When grooming you will need to change your scissors around a lot - from straight to curved, thinner to chunker, and then cutting to comb.

A good pouch will facilitate an easy, safe and quick exchange of tools, and will keep your scissors securely safe whilst you are not using them. Your scissors are the most important aspect of your job, so you need to make sure you take extra care of them. Putting them on a table and leaving them lying carelessly around will lead to damage and once a scissor is damaged you can’t use them. A pouch is essential to keeping your tools safe and your grooming quick and easy. 

Black Scissor Pouch White Scissor Pouch 3.  Slicker Brush

If you’ve had a conversation with a fellow groomer, you might already be aware that there are a lot of curly coated dogs out there, and you're bound to get quite a few rocking up to your salon. Although they are cute and extremely fun to groom, they can also be quite difficult as the curly coat is very prone to knotting and matting, and getting rid of those knots and saving that lovely coat requires a very strong, sturdy, reliable and high quality slicker brush.

This will not only make brushing coats easier, but it will also help make the grooming experience more comfortable for the owner and the dog. We have a selection of high quality slicker brushes with different length pins to ensure maximum brushing and styling is achieved on many different coat types and lengths. 

Slicker Brush 4. Nail Clippers

Probably one of the most important pieces of equipment that every groomer needs no matter the stage of your career. Every dog, or cat, that comes into your salon will need to have their nails clipped. It’s a grooming essential and will require a professional and expert pair of clippers. When it comes to nail clippers you want a strong, robust and reliable pair that are going to do the job properly and efficiently without any fumbling or stress. Clipping nails isn’t an easy part of the job so it is extremely important to choose your nail clippers wisely. The reason our nail clippers are so good is because they are very strong and sturdy and made from high quality walnut wood that feels luxurious, safe and comfortable to use. They also use a large, high quality spring which allows you to easily adjust your clipping to different sized nails.Large Dog Nail ClippersGroomer cutting dog nails

5. Vanity Case
If you really want to elevate your career from the get go and start off looking and feeling like a professional then we suggest getting a good quality tools bag. You want to make sure that all the tools and equipment you've invested in are kept safe and untarnished. As you will be moving around a lot and your tools will be used a lot during the day, it makes sense to have a nice and secure place to keep everything so that they aren't damaged. You will feel a lot more accomplished when you invest in yourself and your career.

Our vanity case is especially designed for the everyday professional groomer. It comes with a removable inner compartment box that has a lot of sections to store certain tools like combs, nail clippers, scissors and then a larger section to put your scissor pouch and brushes. You can easily transport it around, keep it close to you whilst grooming and nicely organise all of your equipment to help make your day easier and your job quicker.
Vanity Case Outside
Vanity Case Inside