Top tips to grooming your dog after a muddy winter walk.

Come rain or shine our little pooches need a walk, and whether we like it or not, our balls of fluff are bound to step in a puddle, run through a muddy patch and mess up their coats.

It’s an inevitable job that we, as loving pet parents, must complete perhaps a few times a week. It might seem like a laborious task but we have some tips to make it as quick and as easy as possible for you fellow busy dog parents. 

Tip 1 - Short nails means less mess. 

Giving your dogs nails a monthly trim is not only beneficial for their health, but is more comfortable for them on walks. If your dog has the correct length of nails, they will easily avoid digging up dirt - if their nails are too long, then they will dig up dirt with almost every step. The more dirt they dig up the more cleaning you will have to do not just on their paws and undercoat but also on your floors.

Clipping your dog's nails once a month to maintain a nice short length will keep your dog cleaner during winter walks and will also keep your dog happy. You can easily clip your dogs nails with our collection of nail clippers. 

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Tip 2 - Give your dog a brush first. 

Instinctively, the first thing you want to do when you get in from a walk is drape a towel over your dog and give them a big ruff and tumble dry. We get it, it seems like the quick and easy solution but believe us, it isn’t. This will only rub the dirt deeper into the coat and create knots around the dirt, making it a lot harder to wash, brush and dry.

The best thing to do as soon as you get home is to grab a slicker brush or a rake and give your dog's coat a brush. This will help to release any trapped dirt and debris and reduce the amount of mud visible on the coat, it will also tidy up the coat and get rid of any developing knots, making it easier to wash and dry.

Our slicker brushes are perfect for curly coated dogs and our rake and coat kings are perfect for double coated dogs. 

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Tip 3 - Get in the tub! 

You might not need to get your dog into the tub every time you go for a walk - it really depends on how messy they get and what you are able to tolerate in your home. However, if your dog does come back very messy, muddy and wet, we suggest giving them a quick brush and putting them in the tub. Hose them down and use our bath brush too easily scrub deep into the coat, removing all dirt and trapped debris.

Using a bath brush will make the bathing process a whole lot quicker and easier - it means you get less messy whilst your dog's coat gets more shiny. 

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Pet owner using bath brush

Tip 4 - Make sure you dry! 

After the bath, grab a microfibre towel and gently dry your dog's coat. The microfibre won’t knot or mat your dog's coat, making it easier to dry the hair and saving you time. 

Towel Dry Dog