We know that grooming your dog is a tough job. There are so many different tools and let’s face it, 90% of Dog Owners have great intentions but don’t feel they are really doing what is required to keep their visits to the groomers shame free. There is nothing worse than a Dog Groomer pointing out how matted your beloved pooch is when you finally get booked in. Groomarts is the leading provider of Dog Grooming Trainer in the UK, we train over 180 fully qualified dog groomers per year, and we groom over 450 dogs per month! So we know what works, what is a waste of money and what is just crazy.

We have a team of 5 Professional Dog Grooming Masters who we can honestly save live and breath dog grooming. And, luckily for Dog Owners they love to show off their knowledge. So, submit the form below or Whatsapp us via the Green ‘Have a question?’ tab below with your dogs name, breed, coat type and any challenges you are facing (we love pictures as well!) and one of our grooming masters will personally reply with a 100% personalised recommendation on what tools, products and routine will help you achieve the best grooming results at home. 

You can buy the products anywhere but, if you decide to buy from us we will also give you a 10% Discount Code.