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Having a good set of dog grooming scissors is essential for every dog groomer, whether they are just starting out or are already a seasoned professional. Each dog groomer has their own specific needs when they groom and they need scissors that can deliver the results they need!

That’s why many dog groomers take a lot of consideration when buying their next pair/set of scissors. They consider the needs they have whilst grooming and make sure to find scissors that suit them. Whether they need scissors that can deliver fine details or a basic everyday scissor that can give them a reliable cut every time!

The quality of your scissors has a big impact on the outcome of your grooms and having a bad set can really slow you down. That’s why we suggest viewing buying a set of scissors as an investment in your career as a dog groomer. Although the upfront cost is high, the earnings you’ll get from having regular loyal customers come back to you because of the quality of your work will be much higher.

So, you know you need a good set of scissors but which ones should you get? Well, don’t worry we’re here to help with our top recommendations for dog grooming scissors you should consider adding to your collection.

Our Top Dog Grooming Scissor Recommendations:

Flame Straight:

Dog grooming scissors sitting on a black background.

The Flame Straight is in our opinion a dog grooming scissor every dog groomer should have in their scissor set. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional this reliable straight scissor will do wonders for you on the grooming table.

This scissor features two sharp convex 7.5” metal alloy blades. These effective blades allow you to deliver straight and accurate cuts that are perfect for working on a variety of areas of a dog’s coat!

This metal alloy is not only sharp but is also easily resharpened. Meaning that these scissors (if looked after properly) can last you for years and years of your dog grooming career.

This scissor will quickly become your go to every time you step up to the grooming table and will be a reliable friend you won’t want to live without!

If you’re interested in this dog grooming scissor you can find it here in both left and right handed versions!

Passion Dragon Curved:

Scissors laying flat on black background.

The Passion Dragon Curved Dog Grooming Scissor is another amazing scissor that will work wonders in any dog groomer’s scissor set! The unique curve of this scissor allows anyone to access more advanced cutting techniques and achieve more exciting styles (like asian fusion).

These scissors feature two 7.5” curved convex blades. These sharp blades allow you to achieve perfect curves with each snip! They work great for contouring the natural curves of a dog’s body. Areas like the face, ribs & back of their legs.

Once again, these dog grooming scissors are made from a strong metal alloy that allows them to be resharpened as many times as you need them to be!

If you’re interested in these scissors you can find them in left & right handed versions here!

Ember Curved Chunker:

Silver open scissor lying on top of a black background.

The Ember Curved Chunker Dog Grooming Scissor is another great scissor that is designed with our more seasoned professional groomers in mind. It features a unique curve and blade combination that when used in experienced hands can lead to some amazing results.

This features two unique curved blades. The first of these two blades is a curved ‘chunker’ style blade that features 18 widely spaced teeth. This first blade is supported by a second curved convex blade. These scissors work through hair being combed into the teeth of the first blade and then cut out by the second.

These scissors allow you to add finer finishing details to haircuts, helping you to remove straight scissor marks and leave a great natural looking finish. But that’s not all these scissors can do! Due to their unique curved design you can use these scissors to add more adventurous styles to hair cuts (like asian fusion).

If you’re interested in getting a pair of these scissors you can find them in right and left handed versions here.

In Conclusion:

Overall a dog groomer’s scissors are an essential part of any dog groomer’s career. They are directly linked to the quality of haircuts you can give and are therefore a big factor in deciding how successful you can be! That’s why investing in the right scissors for you is so important.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a set of dog grooming scissors you can find our whole range which features many more scissors here.


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