Finding hair in every conceivable spot possible in your house is the bane of many dog owners’ existence. Let’s be honest, we love our furry friends but what we don’t love is trying to hoover up the mountain of old hair they coat our houses in.

That’s why people love when their pets come home from the groomers. Their dog’s coat has been deshed with top class dog grooming deshedding tools and they can have a week or so (varies depending on which breed of dog you have) of a dog hair free house. But unfortunately this bliss doesn’t last forever, as before you know it your dog’s coat has grown back and they begin to shed all over again!

Now you could hopelessly wait for your dog’s next trip to the groomer to escape hair hell, or what if we told you you could take the matter into your own hands! Allowing you to get rid of that pesky spare hair without having to pay for an expensive dog grooming session?

Well the answer to your prayers is here! With easy to use professional dog grooming deshedding tools that you can use at home.

So, let’s run through some of our favourite dog grooming deshedding tools that we recommend you use at home!

Coat King 2 in 1 –

Coat King 2 in 1 dog grooming deshedding tool resting on a white background

The Coat King 2 in 1 has to be one of our best selling dog grooming deshedding tools to date! It’s an absolute favourite in our academy with our students and teachers alike. This has to be due to how useful and versatile this tool is for taking on a variety of different coat lengths and types.

But how does it work? Well, the Coat King 2 in 1 dog grooming deshedding tool is fitted with two sets of differently spaced rounded blades. You can then use these two sets of rounded blades to rake through your dog’s coat. As you glide the blades through their coat, the coat king will collect most (if not all) the dead hair that has built up in your dog’s undercoat.

But why two sets of blades? Well, the first of these two sets features 9 widely spaced rounded blades. This wider spaced set of blades is used on dogs with thicker coats (think German Shepherds or Bernese Mountain Dogs). The wider spacing between the blades allows them to sip through thick coats with ease, without getting tangled. 

The second set features 17 more tightly spaced blades. These tighter spaced blades work better on less thick double coats (think Labradors or a Shiba Inu). The rounded blades work by running through your dog’s undercoat collecting all the dead hair it can find along the way.

Overall, the Coat King 2 in 1 Dog Grooming Deshedding Tool will make an invaluable addition to your at home dog grooming kit. Allowing you to get rid of dead hair with ease, without having to book an expensive visit to the groomers. If you’re interested in the Coat King 2 in 1 you can find it here on our website!

Double Row Undercoat Rake –

dog grooming rake resting on a white background.

The Double Row Undercoat Rake Dog Grooming Tool is another excellent deshedding tool that you would regret not having in your at home grooming kit. This stylish beech wood dog grooming tool uses two layers of stainless steel pins to effectively comb out dead hair from your dog’s undercoat.

But how does it work exactly? Well, this dog grooming deshedding tool uses its two staggered layers of stainless steel pins to lift out hair from your dog undercoat. The first row of pins features 15 long pins and the second row features 14 shorter pins. These two rows of pins work together in harmony to allow you to achieve amazing results when used on a long thicker coat (think an Afghan Hound or a Bearded Collie). The shorter layer of pins works to comb the overcoat out of the way, allowing the longer pins to rake dead hair out of the undercoat without obstruction.

Overall the Double Row Undercoat Rake dog grooming deshedding tool is another must have for your at home grooming needs. Especially if you’re dealing with a dog with a long thick coat! If you’re interested in the Double Row Undercoat Rake you can find it here on our website!

Shed Stopper –

Close up image of wooden dog grooming tool, resting on a white background.

The Shed Stopper dog grooming deshedding tool as its name suggests, puts a stop to shedding around your house! This gorgeous dog grooming tool is made from sustainable beech wood and will make an eye catching and useful addition to your at home dog grooming kit!

This dog grooming deshedding tool features a short but strong stainless steel comb. That when used effectively lifts out 90% of the dead hair from your dog’s coat. This Shed Stopper due to it’s short comb is made for dog breeds with short double coats (think Jack Russels and Akitas). As other dog grooming deshedding tools are too long for dogs with this type of coat this is perfect for any little dog owners.

If you’re interested in picking up a shed stopper for your little pup you can find them right now on our website here!

Deshedding Rubber Brush –

Wooden Dog Grooming Tool Resting on a white background.

Finally we have our Deshedding Rubber Brush dog grooming tool. Another versatile addition to your at home dog grooming set that will help you get rid of shedding hair from your dog’s coat quickly!

This deshedding rubber brush is made from a beautiful beech wood base and features a set of soft and flexible rubber bristles. These rubber bristles are relatively short so this comb is best used on short double coated dogs (like Jack Russels). Simply brush through your dog’s coat and watch as all that annoying dead hair gets brought up by the brush.

The great thing about this brush is it can also be used at bath time as well! Use alongside one of our fabulous shampoos and massage the luxurious suds into your dog’s coat.

If you’re interested in getting one of our Deshedding Rubber Brushes you can find them on our website here!

In Conclusion:

You don’t need to put up with dog hair everywhere around your house any longer! A solid weekly brush with any of these tools should help you manage the dead hair epidemic in your house!

If you’re interested in escaping dead hair hell you can find any of our dog grooming deshedding tools available for next day delivery here!


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