Dog grooming scissors. The most essential tool in the dog groomers tool kit. When you become truly experienced with your scissors they feel like an extension of your body. They are an intimate part of your identity as a dog groomer, they allow you to showcase your talent and also show off your style. That’s why it’s important for every dog groomer to pick the perfect set of scissors that suit them.

When trying to find the perfect pair of scissors for you, there are a few things you need to consider:


You’ll be spending a lot of time with these scissors, holding them in various often tricky positions each day. So making sure they have a great ergonomic fit in your hand is essential! This will reduce the possibility of hand fatigue, keeping you grooming more comfortably for longer.

It’s also good to be aware that you can get both left & right handed scissors! A lot of new dog groomers presume you cannot find left handed scissors as they are less common, but we’ve got a whole range you can look at.


These scissors will become an extension of your body and an essential part of your craft. If they are low quality, your ability to groom may be affected. We must all carefully consider what we can afford but it must be said that investing early in a high quality pair of scissors will only improve your craft. 

If a high quality pair of scissors is properly looked after they can last you for years and years! Meaning an investment early can save you money down the line as you won’t be replacing them anytime soon.


Dog Grooming scissors come in various lengths ranging from 4” to 10”, with each size working well for different types of dogs. 

Scissors at the smallest size between 4” to 6” are best used to deal with the more sensitive and intricate areas of the dog, like their paw pads and ears.

Scissors in a medium size from 6.5” to 7.5” are great for working on small (Chihuahua) and medium (Cocker Spaniel) sized dogs. Working well to cut and style the bigger portions of their coats.

Scissors in the largest size from 8” to 10” are recommended when working on larger dogs (Bernese Mountain Dog). Working well to cut the bigger portions of their coats and also work as great finishing scissors.

We recommend starting with a straight scissors size of 7.5”, as at this length your scissor is extremely versatile. Using this middle of the road size means that you can deal with all the different sizes of dogs that you groom. You simply have to adjust your technique slightly for each size.


There is a wide range of types of dog grooming scissors that you can use. Each of these has their own strengths and special uses, you’ll commonly find that more experienced pet groomers have a set of scissors which include each one you see below.


The most commonly used type of dog grooming scissors. This versatile scissor can be used for body grooming and neat line work. This straight scissor is the staple of any good dog groomer’s scissor set.


The curved blade of this scissor is perfect for grooming wool coated and any fluffier coated dogs, since the curve of the blade naturally contours their bodies. The curve of these scissors can also allow you to cut in more creative ways, using the curve to achieve unique styles.


As the name suggests these unique scissors help you too thin out thick coats. With two different blades that serve to cut less hair than a normal pair of scissors with each cut. One blade features some tightly grouped teeth that comb out a small amount of hair from the coat, whilst the other sharp straight blade cuts it from the coat.


These scissors are often used towards the end of your cut. Featuring the same two differing blades that the thinning scissors do. The key difference here is that the teeth on this pair of scissors are more spread out. This helps you get rid of any scissor marks that may have been left behind, leaving a natural fluffy look in a dog’s coat.


It’s up to you what scissors you think you need. Remember these are going to be a very important tool for you, so if the higher prices are putting you off remember that this is an investment in you and your career!

If you feel overwhelmed by all the options on the internet you can visit our online scissor store. That is full of scissors which have been selected by some of the best in the industry whilst maintaining a reasonable price.

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