Undercoat Rake


Target those tricky under coated areas and release all of that blown out hair in a matter of moments with our Beech Wood Undercoat Rake. Designed to easily remove trapped fur with very little effort and smooth out the coat making it look healthy and clean. 

This undercoat rake is sturdy, strong and powerful, designed to get through double coated, short coarse coat types and remove dead dull hair. With a handcrafted ergonomic beech wood handle that is both stylish and comfortable this rake is easy to use and improves your grooming. With 20 stainless steel pins that glide smoothly through the coat catching all the loose hairs, targeting the skin providing a healthy massage and breaking through tangles to de-mat and smooth out the coat. 

Just as easy on your hand as it is on the coat, the undercoat rake - a must have for any grooming collection. 

  • One size
  • Beech wood handle 
  • T-style handle 
  • Stainless steel pins 

German Shepherd, Border Collie, Austrailian Shepherd, Rough Collie,  Golden Retriever

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