Coat King Coarse


Achieve flawless results with the groomarts Coarse Dog Shedding Tool.

Elegant, stylish and light - this beautiful Walnut Wood deshedder tool is strong and sturdy and works wonderfully on double coated dogs of any size, shape and coat type. 

The rounded metal teeth are professionally designed to break through long, messy and coarse hair, getting right into the dense undercoat and gently pulling out and removing all the trapped hairs. In one effortless and continuous stroke this tool pulls out all the hair you need to have your groom finished in minutes. Leaving your house clean, tidy and tumble weed free. 

The handcrafted walnut wood handle fits perfectly in your hand, which reduces the chance of repetitive strain injury making it easier for your to do a better job with less effort. It's a tool that has been designed to make grooming double coated dogs easier.

Every groomer's best friend - strip, cut and comb all in one.

  • Walnut wood handle 
  • Rounded stainless-steel blade
  • Also available in Fine and Double-sided

Finish off your deshed with our Beach Wood Slicker Brush - perfect for styling double coats. 

If used correctly (see product video for how to use references) - Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, St. Bernard, German Shepard, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd

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