Coat King Fine


The perfect deshedding dog tool for a short double coats like a Labrador, Akita, Pug, Shiba Inu and Siberian Husky. The finer teeth work to gently brush the coarse top coat making it easier to reach the dense undercoat.

With more teeth than usual, this deshedding tool works especially well at removing as much hair as possible from the dogs coat in one go, making your groom easier, quicker and more comfortable for the dog. 

This tool has been designed to make the hard working groomers day easier, and the busy pet owners day lighter. With these dog deshedding tools you can easily groom your dog in no time at all and have it looking sofa ready. 

The handcrafted walnut wood handle fits comfortably in your hand which reduces the chance of repetitive strain injury making it a lot easier and quicker for you to groom double coated dogs. With rounded stainless-steel blades which allow you to get closer to the coat and also keep you safe.

The perfect tool for any pet owner and groomer.

  • Walnut wood handle 
  • Rounded stainless-steel blade
  • Also available in Coarse and Double-sided 

If used correctly (see product video for how to use references) - Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Welsh Spaniel, All Spaniel Breeds, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, All Setters Breeds 

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