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The ultimate collection for the professional pet groomer, to give you all the support you need when it comes to dealing with those demanding diva dogs. Consisting of everything you need to give them a gorgeous bath time experience and also help make the perfect finishing touches to their coats.

In terms of having your back at bath time, this collection consists of 3 shampoos designed to deal with any precious pup that struts into your grooming room:

5L Avocado & Aloe Vera Deep Clean Shampoo - A shampoo that is suitable for all breeds and works alongside you to get any unwanted dirt and oils build up out of your customers precious coats. Leaving behind a beautiful Avocado & Aloe Vera scent.

5L Blueberry Whitening Shampoo -  A shampoo designed with your lighter coated customers in mind. Made using natural lightening ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Argan Oil to make those lighter coats shine whilst maintaining softness.

5L Oatmeal Shampoo - A naturally hypoallergenic shampoo that is made for your more ‘sensitive’ customers. A scent free shampoo made with plant based surfactants and oatmeal to naturally moisturise skin and stop itching.

Alongside each 5L bottle of shampoo you will also receive a Dispensing Pump. A pump that snuggly fits on top of your shampoo bottles that precisely delivers 30ml of shampoo. Saving you from using unnecessary amounts of shampoo, making your bottles go further!

After bath time we’ve still got you covered with our two sprays that help get those majestic mutts out the door quicker whilst looking better than ever:

Pineapple Super Fast Dry Spray - A spray that is suitable for all breeds that helps speed up the drying process and makes combing and brushing easier. Leading to less wet coat related meltdowns and helping you get your customers strutting out the door faster.

De-tangle Conditioning Spray - A spray that helps you get rid of tangles quicker whilst simultaneously conditioning the coat to add softness and shine. This is your one stop solution to avoid any tangle related tantrums.

Overall Groomarts’ Pro Collection features a wide range of useful products that are ready to support you no matter what demanding diva walks into your groom room.

As with all our products that include 5L shampoos, we recommend picking up one of our Dispensing Pumps. A pump that snuggly fits on top of your shampoo bottle, which precisely dishes out 30ml of shampoo with each press. Leading to less wasted shampoo and easier access. Check it out here >

  • 3x Shampoos that are fit to deal with a range of specific needs.
  • A deep clean shampoo that gives a thorough basic wash.
  • A whitening shampoo that naturally brightens lighter coated dogs.
  • A naturally hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo that stops sensitive dogs from itching.
  • 2x Super Fast Dry Spray that greatly reduces drying time.
  • 2x De-tangle spray that helps you remove tangles with ease.

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