Passion Dragon Thinner - Left Handed


One of a kind, unique and impactful. Our Passion Dagon scissor collection is designed to not only look incredible in your hands but also provide a unique and wonderful experience. Sturdy and powerful - these scissors feel strong and provide accurate precision. Perfect for any groomer at any stage in their career. As a beginner, these scissors give you added precision, and as an expert these scissors provide opportunity for more unique and skilful styles.

Scissoring has never been so smooth; with 45 teeth you can achieve a natural cut with no visible lines. This scissor is also perfect for detail and allows you to get deep into the coat. The offset handle provides increased comfort and will reduce the stress on your hands. Polished by hand to give a stunning mirror finish.

Immaculate finishes are easier with these scissors. The power of the blades and the sturdiness of the scissor helps any groomer to achieve the perfect lines and angulations. A must have for any groomer. 

  • 6.5” blade 
  • 45 Teeth
  • Mirror finish 
  • Convex blades
  • Offset Dragon handle 
  • Adjustable gem screw 
  • Level 3 - 4
  • 59-61 HRC
  • Also available in right handed

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