Premium Pro Passion Dragon Grooming Kit (Left Handed)

It can be hard to know what you need when you're starting out, we have put together 7 bundle starter kits to help you start the right way. 

Our Premium Pro Passion Dragon Grooming Kit Left Handed includes:
  • Comb
  • 2-in-1 Deshedding Palm & Bath Brush
  • Medium Slicker Brush
  • Round Slicker Brush
  • Large Slicker Brush
  • Short Pin Oval Slicker Brush 
  • Multipurpose De-Shed Rubber Brush
  • Multipurpose Comb
  • Rectangle Medium Pin Slicker Brush
  • Undercoat Rake
  • Shed Stopper
  • Coat King Coarse 
  • Coat King Fine
  • Coat King Double Sided
  • Medium Nail Clippers
  • Large Nail Clippers
  • Small Nail Clippers
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Scissor Pouch - Black
  • Passion Dragon Straight 7.5" (Left Handed)
  • Passion Dragon Thinner (Left Handed)
  • Passion Dragon Curved (Left Handed)
  • Passion Dragon Chunker (Left Handed)
If you are right handed and want to purchase our Premium Pro Passion Dragon Grooming Kit, click here to shop our right handed bundle. 

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