Short Pin Oval Slicker Brush


Our beautifully handcrafted professional Oval Short Pin dog grooming slicker brush with rubber easy grip handle is a grooming staple. A staple product for any dog owner and groomer, specially designed to detangle and de-mat most coat types with ultimate ease and comfort.

Sturdy angled short teeth that are suitable for most coat types. A brush that is handcrafted, lightweight and comfortable to hold. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand with a rubber easy grip handle, which reduces wrist and hand fatigue. The brush also has an airhole that allows the pad to flex and the teeth to glide through the coat. 

  • Oval brush head 
  • Short Length Angled Stainless Steel Pins
  • Medium Firm Slicker Brush
  • Rubber grip handle 
  • Short stainless steel angled pins 
  • Lightweight 

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