Coat King Double Sided


The ultimate deshedding tool - one of our favourite dog deshedding tools! This is an excellent tool designed to make deshedding any double coated dog 100x easier. The double sided teeth are both coarse and fine, making it achievable to start and finish the whole dog in one sitting, targeting all areas of the dog with ease and comfort. This is our best seller and is loved by all of our teachers and students. 

Use the finer teeth on areas like the dogs legs, chest and bum whilst the coarser teeth can be used all over the body and works instantly to remove a lot of the dead and trapped hairs. This is perfect for any double coated dog grooming.

The steel teeth are specially designed to target deep into the dense undercoat, removing trapped dirt and debris, releasing the dog of all the dead hair and allowing their skin to breath again. This tool helps to improve a double coated dogs natural bodily functions. 

The handcrafted walnut wood handle fits comfortably in your hand to reduce hand and wrist fatigue making it easier and quicker for you to groom. With rounded stainless-steel blades which allow you to get closer to the coat and also keep you safe.

Every double coated dog owner and groomer' best friend.

  • Walnut wood handle 
  • Rounded stainless Steel Blades 
  • 9 & 17 Stainless Steel Blades
  • Also available in Fine and Coarse

If used correctly (see product video for how to use references) - Newfoundland, Golden Retriever, St. Bernard, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Welsh Spaniel, All Spaniel Breeds, German Shepard, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, All Setters Breeds, Labrador and similar breeds

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