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Slicker Brush | Medium Angled Pin | Medium & Large | All Coat Types


  • Medium Angled Metal Pins. Strong metal pins that allow you to dive deep into a dog’s coat. Allowing you to brush out tough tangles, whilst removing any dead hair.
  • Two Size Variations. Allowing you to pick the size that suits you. We recommend the medium size for small dogs (Like a Bichon Frise) and the large for big dogs (Like aBernese Mountain Dog).
  • Sustainable Beech Wood Handle. A more sustainable handle which is comfortable to hold. Allowing you to brush with ease.
  • Flexible Air Pad. Sits behind the pins and allows them to flex and move to adapt to whichever part of the coat you are working on.
  • Fairtrade Cotton Carrying Bag. Comes with its very own cotton carrying bag, featuring a unique dog grooming quote on the front.


Slicker Brush

The dog grooming slicker brush is a staple of the at home and in salon grooming world. Being used across a variety of grooming situations, working well on a multitude of coat types. This handmade wooden brush digs deep into the dog’s coats, helping to remove tough tangles and remove dead hair. 

Properly brushing a dog’s coat is an important part of maintaining any pup’s health and well being. As if matts and tangles are not properly attended to they can lead to serious health issues down the line. That’s why having a proper dog grooming slicker brush like this to hand is essential for dog groomers and pet owners.

Diving into the specifics this brush has to offer:

  • This dog brush features sturdy medium angled pins. These pins are what makes this brush truly shine! Digging deep into the dog’s coat disrupting troublesome tangles and pulling up any dead hair in the dog’s coat along the way. Removing these tangles and dead hair leads to dog’s feeling more comfortable in the coats and alleviates any tangle related health risks.
  • Moreover, this slicker brush comes in two different sizes: Medium & Large. Choosing the right size is important for you and your dog so make sure to consider this properly! We recommend a medium size for smaller dogs (like a Pomeranian), as this allows you to be more delicate in your grooming process and avoid causing any discomfort. Whilst we recommend the large size for bigger dogs (like a German Shepherd). This allows you to get through their coat without having to brush forever!
  • Furthermore, this dog grooming brush is made from a sleek beech wood. Which is vastly more sustainable than the standard plastic/rubber brushes. This beech wood isn’t only sustainable but also incredibly ergonomic to hold. Making brushing a breeze with this slicker brush.
  • Finally, this dog grooming slicker brush includes a flexible air pad behind its angled pins. This allows the pins to flex and adapt to any area of the dog that you are brushing. Making getting around the naturally curved areas of a pooch easier, with the flexible pad allowing the pins to match the natural curves of the dog.

In Conclusion:

This dog grooming slicker brush is an essential addition to any pet professional/pet owners grooming kit. Allowing you to easily dispatch terrible tangles and keep dogs happy and healthy.

PRO TIP: If you’re having trouble getting rid of any tough tangles use this brush alongside our De-Tangle & Conditioning Spray! Any troublesome tangles you run into should be made light work when you use the slicker brush and spray together.

This dog grooming slicker brush is suitable for a wide variety of coat types including:

  • Wire Coat
  • Long-Coat
  • Curly-Coat
  • Double-Coat
  • Combination Coat
  • Heavy Coat
  • Silky Coat
  • Long Coat

In terms of which size of brush you need, if you have a dog that is larger than a Labrador then we would recommend the large option. Whilst smaller dogs would benefit from the medium as it can get into those hard-to-reach areas such as dog armpits!

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