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Bath & Deshedding Palm Brush | Professional Dog Grooming Tool


  • 2 in 1 Palm Brush. This palm brush can be used at bath time and as a deshedding tool for short coated dogs.
  • Bath Time Brush. Use this brush at bath time to gently massage shampoo deep into a dog’s coat. Helping you to remove unwanted dirt and debris.
  • Deshedding Tool. The medium length rubber bristles have no trouble reaching the undercoat of short coated dogs. Allowing you to remove the pesky dead hair that builds up in the undercoat.
  • Rubber Bristles. Features flexible rubber bristles that are strong enough to remove debris and collect dead hair without being uncomfortable for the dog.
  • Flexible Air Pad. Underneath the rubber bristles is a flexible air pad. This air pad allows the bristles to bend and flex to suit the natural contours of a dog’s body.
  • Beech Wood Base. Made from a sustainable beech wood base that serves as a strong foundation for this palm brush.
  • Elasticated Fabric Strap. This soft and flexible strap allows this palm brush to remain firmly in your hand whilst not feeling uncomfortable or tight.
  • Fairtrade Cotton Storage Bag. This palm brush comes with its own Groomarts storage bag that features a unique dog grooming quote.


Bath & Deshedding Palm Brush

Say hello to the Bath & Deshedding Palm Brush, a diverse and incredibly useful dog grooming tool. This tool shines in two different areas of the dog grooming process, at bath time and for deshedding short coated dogs.

Deshedding dogs properly and getting a thorough cleaning at bath time is incredibly important for dogs. As if dirt and dead hair remain unchecked and left they can lead to more serious health issues down the line. Issues including: Skin Infection, Discomfort, Bad Odours and Reduced Circulation.

So let’s dive into the features that make this bath & deshedding palm brush so effective:

  • Flexible rubber bristles. The crowning feature of this dog grooming palm brush are its dual function rubber bristles.
  • The first way you can use these rubber bristles is during bath time. Use this palm brush to rub the shampoo deep into the dog’s coat and dislodge any debris in the coat. 
  • The rubber bristle also gently massages the dog at bath time, improving circulation and feeling great for any pup.
  • The second way these rubber bristles can be used is as a deshedding tool. The firm but flexible rubber bristles work great for deshedding short coated dogs, as the medium length bristles have no issues reaching the undercoat.
  • Furthermore, this bath & deshedding palm brush features a flexible air pad underneath the bristles. This flexible air pad allows this brush to adapt to the natural curves and contours of a dog’s body. Making sure this brush can reach all the tough to reach places on a dog’s coat.
  • Moreover, this palm brush is made from a handcrafted beech wood base. This beech wood serves as a strong foundation for the brush allowing it to survive the regular wear and tear a dog grooming brush will go through.
  • Finally, this dog grooming palm brush features a flexible elasticated fabric strap. This stretchy strap allows you to keep the brush solidly in the palm of your hand whilst not feeling too tight or uncomfortable.

This Bath & Deshedding Palm Brush is one of our most commonly used tools in our academy, by our students and teachers alike. It’s an academy favourite for a reason, it’s utility in the bath and the grooming table is unmatched. If you decide to add this dog grooming palm brush to your collection we’re sure you’ll see the same benefits that we see on a daily basis at our academy.

In Conclusion:

This dog grooming palm brush will be an incredibly valuable addition to your dog grooming tool kit. Improving the quality of your bath time washes, whilst simultaneously helping you deal with pesky undercoat hair. Take a step up in your pet grooming game and get yourself a bath & deshedding palm brush.

For use at bath time:

Apply your water and shampoo and gently rub it in until foamy (if you’re in need of your next go-to dog grooming shampoo you can find our range of shampoos here).

Once the shampoo is foamy, get out your palm brush and begin massaging the dog’s coat. Initially working down the coat gliding the brush through their coat, in the direction of natural hair growth.

If you encounter a particularly dirty spot, focus in on this area by moving the brush in a circular motion over the dirt. Gently massage until you notice the dirt has been lifted.

As a deshedding tool:

We recommend using this palm brush for deshedding after bath time. Once the dog is prepped and ready, begin to press the brush gently up against the dog’s coat (ensuring the bristles reach the undercoat).

Now proceed to gently guide the brush down the dog’s coat, following the direction of natural hair growth. Brush the same area in a repeated motion until you notice only a small amount of hair being brought up by the brush. Once one area is completed move onto the next and repeat the process over the entire coat.

For use in the bath, this dog grooming palm brush is suitable for every coat type.

For use as a deshedding tool this palm brush works best for: Short Double Coats.

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