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Coat Kings (3 Types) | Dog Undercoat Rakes | Dog Grooming Tools


  • A range of three diverse coat kings to choose from. Each made to suit a variety of different dogs.
  • Coat King Coarse. Featuring widely spaced stainless steel blades, made to suit dogs with thick double coats.
  • Coat King Fine. Features tightly spaced blades, made to suit dogs with short coats.
  • Coat King Double. Featuring 2 sets of different blades. A widely spaced set on the front and a tightly spaced set on the back. Allowing you to use this coat king on a variety of different coat types.
  • Stainless Steel Blades. Strong and reliable blades that are built to last. Strong enough to dig deep into coats whilst rounded enough to not cause discomfort to the dogs.
  • Hand Crafted Beech Wood Handle. A smooth and comfortable handle, designed to reduce the risk of strain through repetitive movement.


Coat King Range

Say hello to our Coat King range! Without a doubt the most popular deshedding tools used at our academy by our teachers and students. A fantastic and diverse dog grooming deshedding tool that digs deep into a dog’s coats, using stainless steel teeth to easily lift out dead hair.

Lifting out dead hair is actually incredibly important for dogs. Removing this build up of dead hair makes a dog’s coat more breathable, helps with circulation and decreases the likelihood of skin infections. Hence, having a grooming tool on hand that can get rid of dead hair easily is essential for all those looking after dogs.

In terms of our Coat King range we have three variations available for you to choose from.

Let’s dive into these three fantastic dog grooming deshedding tools:

1. Coat King Coarse –

This coat king deshedding tool features widely spaced stainless steel blades. These widely spaced blades are designed for use on dog’s with thicker, more coarse coats. The widely spaced blades have an easier time getting through the initial thick layer of hair and digging down deep to the undercoat.

We recommended using this on breeds like German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retrievers, etc… The wider blades make this tool much more comfortable for the dogs with thicker coats that you use this on. As coat kings with tighter spaced blades would have trouble not getting caught on the thick coat.

2. Coat King Fine –

This dog grooming deshedding tool features tightly spaced teeth that dig deep into coats to remove dead hair from the undercoat. These tighter spaced blades are designed for use on dog’s with shorter coats. For example this coat king works great on short double coated dogs like: Labradors, Akitas, Pugs etc…

This dog grooming deshedding tool also works well for adding finishing details to more delicate areas of a dog’s coat. Helping you clean up areas like the ribs and legs.

3. Coat King Double –

The coat king double is a versatile dog grooming deshedding tool that has something to offer everyone who uses it! This coat king actually features two sets of blades, one wider set on the back and one tighter set on the front. This means that depending on the way you hold this coat king you can make it suitable for a variety of different coat types & lengths.

Due to the two different sets of blades this coat king features, this tool can be used in a variety of different dog grooming situations. Whether you’re tackling larger portions of the coat with the wider blades, or attending to the more delicate areas of the dog like the back of the legs or the ribs.

Every single one of the previously mentioned coat kings features an ergonomic beech wood handle. This handle is hand crafted to maximise comfort and reduce the chance of any repeated movement related strains.

In Conclusion:

All of our coat kings are hand crafted and incredibly efficient at their job. They make getting rid of dead hair from a dog’s coat 10x easier and will quickly become one of your go to dog grooming tools. Make the decision to take control of shedding hair and grab yourself a coat king today!

We recommend using this coat king after bath time and thorough drying (using the Coat King on wet hair will lead to it getting caught more often and make hair harder to lift out). If you find drying is taking a long time we recommend using our Super Fast Dry Spray to prevent any drying time tantrums.

Once the dog is prepped and ready, place the coat king on the area of the coat that you would like to de-shed. Start by placing both hands on the dog, with your free hand at the point where you would like to start deshedding and the coat king placed on the coat next to your free hand. Once you're set up slowly start dragging the coat king through the dog’s coat, with slow gentle movements that flow in the natural direction of the dog’s coat.

After a few brush throughs, you’ll notice some hair will start to build up in your coat king (don’t worry this means it’s working!). Make sure to take a moment to blow the dead hair out of your coat king before continuing to brush through (this will keep your coat king working at maximum efficiency).

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