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Groomarts Deshedding Rubber Brush with Ergonomic Handle


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  • Short Double Coat Deshedding Tool. Perfect for dealing with pesky dead hair that builds up in short coated dogs (E.G Jack Russells).
  • Rubber Bristles. Sturdy but flexible bristles that are the perfect length for reaching into a short coated dog’s undercoat. Allowing you to remove all that pesky dead hair.
  • Beech Wood Base. This dog grooming deshedding tool is made from a base of sustainable beech wood. Serving as a strong foundation to help this brush last a long time.
  • Ergonomic Rubber Handle. Fitted with a comfortable rubber handle, designed to reduce the chance of strains caused by repetitive movement.
  • Flexible Air Pad. Situated underneath the rubber bristles. This pad allows the bristles to become more versatile and flex to match the natural contours of a dog’s body.
  • Fairtrade Cotton Carrying Bag. Comes with its own carrying bag, featuring a unique dog grooming quote on the front.


Shedding is a natural part of many double coated dog breeds grooming routine. Some dog breeds will continually shed their coats throughout the year, such as the Labrador Retriever and Corgi, whilst others will respond to seasonal changes just like the trees and shed their coats, such as the Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle. The shedding process is the replacement of older hair with new fresh hair. Hence having a Dog Grooming Deshedding Rubber Brush is really important.

Shedding can be frustrating if not managed correctly and the correct deshedding tool used to properly remove the dead undercoat that is being pushed out. The Groomarts Deshedding Rubber Brush with Ergonomic Handle reduces shedding by up to 90% – resulting in a happier dog and less running around with the hoover.

This fantastic deshedding tool gets into the undercoat of short-medium coated dogs,lifting the dead hair and dirt to the surface. The hair is then caught in the rubber bristles where it can be easily removed once you have finished. Recycled rubber is wrapped around the handle, which allows a firm grip and application of a medium pressure to get deep into the undercoat. This additional pressure means depending on your dog, you should only need to deshed them intensively for 2 weeks before going to a bi-weekly maintenance routine.

Initially you should use thisDog Grooming Deshedding Rubber Brush every 3 days for around 10 minutes. After two weeks you should see the hair being removed reduce significantly. You can then switch to maintenance brushing every 2 weeks.

Before commencing a groom on any dog we recommend that you carry out a health check. You are looking for any cuts or irritation that would make grooming uncomfortable plus a general review of their condition.

When you have finished deshedding we recommend using a coat conditioning spray to restore moisture, soothe the skin, and protect the new hair. We would also recommend using a soft bristle brush to remove any dead hair or dirt that has been bought to the top coat from the undercoat whilst you were using the deshedding brush. Simply brush down the dog with the soft brush, spray some conditioning spray and brush through the coat with the soft brush again.

Grooming is a fantastic way to bond with a dog, it builds trust and has many physical and mental health benefits for both dogs and humans. When using the Dog Grooming Deshedding Rubber Brush on double coated dogs you are actually giving them a massage which encourages increased blood circulation resulting in healthier skin. This massage action also causes dopamine to be released in the dog’s brain, the chemical responsible for feeling good and happy. You’ll also benefit as studies have shown that humans who regularly groom their pets are 5 times less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.

This Dog Grooming Deshedding Rubber Brush is made from sustainable beech wood and recycled rubber. Carbon offsetting is used to ensure all our activities are carbon neutral.

The coat types we would recommend using this tool on are:

  • Short Double Coated Dogs

We wouldn’t recommend using this deshedding tool on:

  • Long Double Coated Dogs

For long double coated dogs, we recommend you pick up our Coat King Coarse/2 in 1.

We recommend using this deshedding tool after bathing and thorough drying. If you are struggling with the amount of time and effort it takes to dry a dog’s coat you should try our Super Fast Dry Spray

Once the dog’s coat is prepped, bring out the deshedding tool and place it gently on top of the dog’s coat (ensuring the rubber bristles have reached the undercoat). Begin to slowly brush the tool through the coat, making sure to brush in the direction of natural hair growth.

Continue brushing through a small area until you notice that only a small amount of hair is being lifted up with the tool (this means you should be done with this area). The move onto a new area of the dog’s coat and repeat the process mentioned above until you have gone over most of the dog’s coat.

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