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Undercoat Rake | Dog Undercoat Remover | Dog Grooming Tools


  • Sleek and elegant deshedding tool. An effective deshedding tool that works just as well as it looks.
  • 20 Rounded Stainless Steel Pins. These long reaching pins dive deep into a dog’s coat in order to lift our useless dead hair and take down tangles.
  • Sustainable Beech Wood Material. A more planet friendly material than traditional plastics that are often used for dog grooming tools.
  • Ergonomic Hand Crafted Handle. The beech wood handle is a dream to hold and is designed to reduce the risk of strain whilst using.
  • Sustainably Sourced Cotton Carrying Bag. This undercoat rake comes with its very own Groomarts carrying bag which features a unique dog grooming quote.


Undercoat Rake

Say hello to our stunning dog grooming undercoat rake. An essential dog grooming tool that uses rounded stainless steel pins to make light work of troublesome dead hair that sticks around in a dog’s undercoat!

Getting rid of dead hair is essential for the health and happiness of dogs (especially those with a big thick coat!). Removing dead hair from a dog’s undercoat helps make them feel more comfortable, reduces the risk of infections and helps with their circulation. So having a dog grooming tool that can effectively pick up this dead hair is essential!

Let’s dive into the specifics that make this dog grooming deshedding tool so good at it’s job:

  • 20 Stainless Steel Pins. These long pins easily pass through any dog’s overcoat to get directly to the source of dead hair, the undercoat! 
  • These pins when slowly pulled through a dog’s coat dislodge and collect any and all dead hair that is clogging up a dog’s undercoat.
  • Furthermore, these sturdy metal pins have rounded edges. These rounded edges ensure that this rake stays robust enough to remove dead hair, whilst not causing discomfort for the dog it is being used on.
  • Moreover, this dog grooming undercoat rake is made from sustainably sourced beech wood. This beech wood whilst being better for the planet is also better for your hand! Featuring a hand crafted wooden handle that is ergonomic to hold.
  • This hand crafted wooden handle is made with the user in mind, designed to help reduce the risk of strains resulting from repeated movements.

Like every tool sold at Groomarts this dog grooming undercoat rake has been tested and is used in our academy on a daily basis. Through this use we know for a fact that this tool can get the job done to the professional standard we uphold at our academy. So whether you’re planning to use this at home or take it into your work this tool won’t let you down!

In Conclusion:

The dog grooming undercoat rake is an invaluable addition to any dog groomer/owners deshedding tool kit. With a simple but elegant design that is sure to draw a jealous eye or two whenever you bring it out.

Say goodbye to the shedding hair blues and grab your next dog grooming best friend now!

We recommended using our dog grooming undercoat rake after bath time and thorough drying. If drying time is something that is holding you up you should try our Super Fast Dry Spray, which dramatically reduces coat drying time.

Once the dog is ready and prepared, place the undercoat rake on top of the dog’s coat. Then begin to gently pull the rake through the dog’s coat, making sure to follow the natural direction the dog’s coat is growing in.

Repeat this over the dog’s coat until you’re happy you have gotten out all the dead hair you can. You will know when you're done when the rake is only picking up a small amount of hair with each run through.

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