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Groom Your Dog At Home Essential Kit


- Aloe Vera & Avocado Deep Clean Shampoo (Suitable for all cost types)
- Coat Conditioning & Detangling Spray
- Medium Bamboo Slicker Brush
- Groomarts Comb

- Before bathing your dog, you first need to run the comb through it’s coat. This is to check for any knots, tangles or matts that need to be worked out prior to washing your dog.
- when you find a knot or tangle, take the slicker brush and gently work through the tangle. You can use the coat conditioning and Detangling spray to make this easier.
- When you can glide your comb through your dogs coat without any knots; you are ready for bath time!
- dilute your shampoo, we recommend doing two washes. One to remove the dirty from the coat and the second to condition. Make sure to really work the shampoo into a lather and massage all the way through the coat.
- When your dog has been washed and rinsed, you can towel dry and then spray their coat with the conditioning spray for long lasting shine, fragrance and healthy looking coat.
- Now it’s time to brush your dog again, use the same technique and once you can run your comb through the coat you can move onto the slicker brush and brush the entire coat.


The best products we recommend for satisfying any demanding diva dogs you have at home, who are constantly after you to maintain their coat. With these two easy to use products you’ll be able to keep your pup’s precious coat up to their salon quality standards in between their grooming appointments.

To start with we have Groomarts’ Avocado and Aloe Vera Deep Clean Shampoo (250ml) that digs deep and works alongside you to get any unwanted dirt and oils build up out of your dog’s precious coat. Leaving behind a beautiful Avocado & Aloe Vera scent that is sure to turn some fluffy heads the next time you two go out for a puppuccino.

Finally, we have Groomarts’ De-Tangle and Conditioning Spray which is a must have for any pet owner who has a dog who will not stand for any tangle related imperfections in their coat. This easy to use spray will help you get rid of stubborn tangles, whilst simultaneously conditioning their coat to add extra softness and shine. All the while helping you avoid any tangle related tantrums.

Overall Groomarts’ Pet Owner Bundle is the perfect way to get any demanding diva dogs you may have at home off your back and confidently strutting around as usual.

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