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Passion Dragon Set (4 Scissors)

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In this Passion Dragon Scissor Set you will get every type of scissor you will ever need to be a successful dog groomer. The set features a range of 4 high quality scissors that if looked after properly can support you the rest of your career. Each scissor in the set is unique with each boasting a unique attribute that you can use to achieve better, more creative results.

Firstly, we have the standard straight scissor (the standard scissor you will find in every groomers scissor pouch). These scissors work on almost any coat type and will help you through a lot of different grooms – that’s why having a strong, reliable and professional pair is really important. With powerful Convex blades, unique and robust design and elegant handles, these scissors allow fast cutting, effortless movements and precision blending. The 7.5″ blades are the perfect length to target all areas of the dogs, and feel light and sturdy in your hands.

Second, we have our Passion Dragon Curved Scissor, a stainless steel 7.5” curved blade. The curve of this blade naturally allows you to contour the fluffy bodies of the dogs you groom. Being particularly useful for your curly coated dogs like Cockapoos, Poodles & Bichons. The curves off these blades also allow for some extra creativity in the way you approach any grooming challenge.

Thirdly, we have our Passion Dragon Thinner Scissors. An interesting scissor featuring two different types of blades. With one blade being a standard straight scissor blade and the other being a blade with 45 teeth. This combination of the straight and toothed blade allows you to thin out the thick coats you tackle as a groomer.

Fourthly, we have our Passion Dragon Chunker Scissors. A distinct and stylish scissor which features two toothed blades. In total the scissor has 18 wide set teeth, which when used on a dogs coat provide a natural finish. Helping you smooth over any left over scissor marks. The Passion Dragon Scissor Set is the scissor set to end all scissor sets. It’s every scissor you would ever need to tackle any challenge you could face in your dog grooming career.

1 review
  1. Lily Baker

    This product is amazing. I’ve always struggled to get a full set of left handed scissors. These are light weight to use and beautiful to look at. I love this product.

1 review for Passion Dragon Set (4 Scissors)
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