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Groomarts Flame Scissor Set | 4 Professional Dog Grooming Scissor

  • 4 Scissors: Chunkers, Thinners, Straights & Curved
  • Level 3 Professional Dog Grooming Scissor Set
  • Precision Convex Blades
  • Offset Handle
  • Great Dog Grooming Scissor kit
  • 90% Pure Metal Alloy
  • 5 Year Guarantee


Flame Scissor Set

This Flame Dog Grooming Scissor Set features the 5 essential scissors that you need to take on any hair cut. From simple touch up work to creating imaginative shapes and textures this set contains every scissor you need to get the job done.

Every scissor in this set is made from a robust hand polished metal alloy. This metal alloy whilst being extremely durable is also incredibly easy to resharpen. Meaning that if these scissors are looked after properly they will last your whole dog grooming career! 

This set of scissors have all been tested and vetted by Master Groomer Laura Campanella. Laura, who through her years of expert industry and educational experience understands the needs of pet groomers at every level. From the students at her academy to experienced professionals, she recommends this effective set of scissors.

The scissors included in this set are:

  1. Flame Straight 7.5” –

The most commonly used dog grooming scissor in our academy by our students and staff alike. This iconic scissor is extremely versatile and will serve you well in a range of different haircuts. With sharp 7.5” convex blades that provide precise straight cuts at a length which is perfect for targeting all areas of a dog’s coat.

  1. Flame Curved –

A sleek and elegant curved dog grooming scissor that helps you contour the naturally curved areas of a dog’s body (areas like: face, ribs & back of the legs). This scissor not only helps you create consistent shapes but also unlocks a variety of creative ways to cut. Leaving you with haircuts that have real stand out flair.

  1. Flame Thinner –

An excellent finishing scissor for all the perfectionists out there who fine tune every last detail of their haircuts. This scissor uses 46 tightly spaced teeth to cut away small sections of a dog’s coat. Allowing you to create interesting textures within the dog’s coat and add finer finishing details other scissors simply can’t.

  1. Flame Chunker –

An elegant dog grooming scissor that features 18 ‘T’ shaped teeth. These teeth comb out a small section of hair for cutting from the dog’s coat. Allowing you to remove any unwanted scissor mark and leave a ‘natural’ looking finish to your haircuts.

In Conclusion:

The Flame Dog Grooming Scissor Set features 4 incredible scissors that will quickly become your everyday go to’s. Perfect for every groomer at any level of their career. Whether you are just starting out or you’re an experienced professional looking to find your new everyday scissor. We know from experience once you start using these scissors, you’ll never want to put them down!

When choosing which scissors to buy, it can seem that there is an overwhelming amount of choice and such a range in prices that making the right decision can often seem impossible. The truth is Scissors are incredibly personal and what you work with most effectively and what another groomer works with will vary. That is why Groomarts launched the Flame Scissor Range, crafted to not only be perfect for those starting a career as a professional dog groomer but also experienced groomers who are looking for a scissor range that produces incredible finishing every time.

Groomarts Academy trains over 180 fully qualified dog groomers per year, and have taught over 1400 groomers in the past 10 years. This has given us the ability to research which scissors perform better, which ones work for new graduates and as they gain experience why they either fall in love with their scissors or seek a change. Laura Campanella has taken all of this knowledge and developed three bespoke scissor ranges, her tireless development has meant the Flame Range all come with Convex Blades, Level 3/4 Scissor Classification, left and right handed options and the highest possible standard of finish.

When choosing Dog Grooming Scissors, you need to focus on three key points when making your selection.

1) Comfortability

This is down to your personal perception, and ultimately you must feel comfortable using the scissors you purchase as they will be the tools of your craft and form a large part of your grooming life. Groomarts offers a scissor fitting service and exchange programme where you can swap a pair of scissor within 28 days if you decide they aren't for you. We also provide free training rings, finger rings and virtual scissor handling sessions to help you develop your scissoring skills. In your purchase you will find a QR code, simply scan and book in a virtual appointment with one of our scissor experts. And if you wanted to take you scissor skills to the next level then Groomarts Academy runs Scissoring Workshops where professional groomers are give tailored coaching and practical experience under the guidance of Laura Campanella, Master Groomer and Founder of Groomarts.

2) Intended use & Durability

Dog Grooming Scissors are classified from Level 1 - Level 5. This systems gives people an overview of where they sit in terms of suitability, quality and which typ for grooming they are designed for.

3) Standard of Finishing

Expensive scissors do not mean perfect finishes. There are many cheap scissors available but if a Dog Groomer wants to build a reputation and loyal client base then they need to produce quality finishes time and time again. What seem like small points on paper make a huge difference in the long term. For instance, seated blades and convex blades, what may seem like a cost saving now will cost you countless repeat business due to poor quality finish.

Serrated Dog Grooming Scissors

Serrated scissors are often cheaper due to being made of a lower quality metal, this results in them blunting fast with a need to be sharpened up to 4x per year which limits their lifespan as scissors cannot be sharpened indefinitely. They are usually mass produced, have a beveled edge that 'chops' the coat which often leaves a poor finish. They are most suited for domestic use of for bulk work prior to using an alternative blade type to produce the quality of finish.

Convex Blades

These blades come to a point and retain their sharpness due to their higher quality metal composition. Dog Groomers can reliably deliver incredible finishes and have far less need to be sharpened if you correctly. The fine point that allows for a clean slice through the hair means you can work fast, build a better reputation and keep your customers coming back to the best groomer in town.

Symmetric handles are designed to allow dog groomers to use scissors both ways, the benefit is increased flexibility when grooming. They are designed to be versatile and are often sold as both left and right handed in one, which we have found to be frustrating for those whoa re left handed as they find them difficult to use and would prefer a specialist left handed scissor range.

Offset handles have a lower thumb hold, allowing for a more natural holding position which produces less strain on the wrist. Advisable if you suffer from strain or joint pain. They make longer scissor grooms far more comfortable and as a result improve finishing standard as they act as an extension of your hand oppose to you trying to direct them.

Level 1 - Scissors intended for non-professional groomers who are using them infrequently and for whom finishing standard is not as important.

Level 2 - Entry level dog grooming scissors, they are often made of cheaper metals so blunt easily and often have a limited lifetime due to them needing sharpening up to 4 times per year for a groomer who is working full time.

Level 3 - Made of higher grade materials and typically featuring Convex blades they are aimed at groomers who want reliable results and long life from their scissors. They should only need sharpening infrequently and often last a lifetime.

Level 4 & 5 - These levels are for groomers who have mastered their craft, compete at competitions or are producing immaculate finishes for styles such as Asian Fusion. They are designed for non-regular use but the finish produced is second to none. Often expensive and require specialist maintenance.

Groomarts Academy in Hertfordshire offers a free scissor trial service if you wish to spend some time with Laura Campanella, Master Groomer and Founder of Groomarts. She will walk you through some different types of scissors, you can give them a try and she'll give you the best possible advice on which scissor and holding style will suit you the most.

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