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Flame Straight | Professional Dog Grooming Scissors


  • 7.5” blades: A perfect length for reaching all areas of a dog's coat, all the way from trickier areas like the face to the main body of the coat.
  • Stainless Steel Material: Makes these scissors highly durable, sharp but also lightweight to reduce fatigue felt through extended haircuts.
  • Convex Blades: With a flat hand crafted sharpened edge, that creates precise cuts that allow for creativity when cutting, whilst also leaving a clean well groomed look.
  • Offset Handle: Creates a comfortable ergonomic feel to every scissor. Allowing you to keep your arm and elbow lower to reduce fatigue.
  • Bespoke Scissor Box: Comes in its own box which is a stylish addition to any shelf. The felted interior also serves as a safe place for storage when they are not in use to avoid any knicks or scratches.
  • Fairtrade Sourced Cotton Carrying Bag: Each scissor also comes with its very own cotton carrying bag. Featuring a unique dog grooming phrase on the front (order multiple products to see the whole set!).


Flame Straight Scissors

The Flame Straight is our most commonly used scissor in our academy by our teachers and students alike. This versatile straight scissor is easy to use and serves as an iconic centrepiece for any dog groomer’s scissor pouch! The value of these scissors can be seen in the fact they work on most coat types and can help you through a variety of different grooms.

This scissor has been hand picked and tested by Laura Campanella (Founder of Groomarts & Master Groomer) herself. With years of expert industry and educational experience she knows what scissors are best and for who they work best. These scissors are graded as Level 3, meaning they’ll work great for anyone from seasoned professionals to complete newbies. That’s why Laura personally recommends these scissors to anyone who needs to find their next perfect straight scissor.

These Flame Straight Dog Grooming Scissors Feature:

  • A pair of stainless steel 7.5” convex blades. The 7.5” length (which is recommended by Laura) is perfect for targeting any and all areas of a dog’s coat. From carefully working around the face to the bigger sections of the dog’s body. 
  • The stainless steel material of these blades also contributes to a sturdy, reliable but also lightweight scissor that reduces fatigue whilst cutting. Meaning that you can keep grooming for longer.
  • The convex shape of these blades was also a deliberate choice in order to assure the longevity of the scissor. In terms of scissors you can choose between different styles of blades, with the main two being Convex and Serrated. Serrated scissors are the cheaper alternative that feature a jagged edge. Due to this jagged edge these scissors lead to less precise cuts. That’s why we went with the alternative Convex blades. These blades with their flat edge allow you to perform precise cuts and when looked after properly can retain their sharpness much longer.
  • These scissors also feature an adjustable stylish red gem that connect the two scissor blades. This adjustable mechanism allows you to increase or decrease the gap between your two scissor blades. This allows you to customise the scissor to your own style and needs, also creating opportunities for seasoned professionals to try more creative hair cuts.
  • Finally these straight dog grooming scissors have an offset handle. This offset handle allows for better arm and elbow positioning when cutting, which helps reduce fatigue as you cut.

Overall these scissors make a fantastic starting point for anyone venturing into the world of pet grooming and are also a valuable addition to any existing professional scissor set.

As fellow dog groomers we understand the importance of investing in the right pair of scissors. Your scissors are at the core of all your dog grooming activities and have a big impact on the style/level of grooms you can perform.

That’s why we created this scissor hub. A place filled with useful resources we have created to help educate you on the world of dog grooming scissors in order to help you get the best scissors for your style!

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