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Passion Dragon Straight 8″ | Pro Dog Grooming Scissors


  • Two Straight 8” Convex Blades. These longer than average blades allow groomers to work around a dog’s coat faster. Especially useful for pet groomer who often groom bigger breeds E.G German Shepherds
  • Sharp Convex Blades. These blades have a sharp flat edge that delivers precise cuts with ease.
  • ‘Dragon’ Offset Handle. This dazzling offset handle makes these scissors extremely ergonomic to hold. Also allowing you to achieve a more comfortable wrist/arm position when doing scissor work
  • Adjustable Gem. The scissor blades are connected by a gorgeous adjustable red gem. That when twisted allows you to alter the size of the gap between your two blades.
  • Leather Scissor Bag. Comes with its very own leather scissor bag. Serving as a stylish and safe place to keep scissors between your grooms.
  • Fairtrade Cotton Carrying Bag. A unique Groomarts carrying bag featuring a fun dog grooming quote on the front (buy multiple items to collect different quotes).


Passion Dragon Straight 8″

Introducing the Passion Dragon Straight 8” Dog Grooming Scissor. This dazzling straight dog grooming scissor features the longest blades that we sell at Groomarts. Perfect for the busy pet groomer who needs to cover more ground in their haircuts whilst still maintaining the same level of quality and precision.

As with all the scissors sold at Groomarts this scissor has been tested and vetted by Laura Campanella (Master Groomer & Founder of Groomarts). Laura, through her astonishing amount of industry, educational and competition experience knows what makes a good dog grooming scissor. She understands the needs and wants of pet groomers at every level so you can feel safe in the fact that she recommends these scissors to all groomers.

Diving into the features of these scissors:

  • This straight dog grooming scissor features two 8” convex blades. The 8” length of these blades (which are longer than your average scissor) allow you to cover more ground in your hair cuts whilst not sacrificing on the quality of your cuts.
  • The reason these blades can cover more ground without sacrificing on quality is due to their convex nature. Meaning that they have a flat sharp edge that provides precise and reliable cuts to the pet groomers using them.
  • Furthermore, these scissors are made from a robust metal alloy. This metal alloy is an incredibly durable material, meaning that it’s incredibly easy to resharpen when needed. Allowing these scissors to serve you throughout your whole career if serviced properly.
  • Moreover, one of this scissors crowning features is its ‘dragon’ offset handle. This handle whilst looking great whilst you hold it has more to it than meets the eye. The offset nature of this handle makes this scissor ergonomic to hold, reducing stress on your hand/wrist.
  • Finally, this scissor features an adjustable gem that sits connecting the two blades. When adjusted this gem changes the size of the gap between your two scissor blades. Meaning that you can adjust these scissors to suit your needs.

In Conclusion:

Overall the Passion Dragon Straight 8” Dog Grooming Scissor is a very useful addition to any dog groomer’s scissor set. With its longer than average blades allowing you to work around a dog’s coat faster than other pairs of scissors.

As fellow dog groomers we understand the importance of investing in the right pair of scissors. Your scissors are at the core of all your dog grooming activities and have a big impact on the style/level of grooms you can perform.

That’s why we created this scissor hub. A place filled with useful resources we have created to help educate you on the world of dog grooming scissors in order to help you get the best scissors for your style!

Click the links below to access our various educational resources:

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