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Slicker Brush | Medium Angled Pin | Medium & Large | All Coat Types


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Introducing the Groomarts handcrafted Slicker Brush, beautifully designed with angled medium pins, this brush can be used to work through tough matts on deep coats right through to short coat dogs. A truly well crafted slicker brush that is perfect for all professional dog groomers and pet parents who groom at home.

Specially designed to detangle and de-mat any coat type with ultimate ease and comfort.

Sturdy angled medium pin slicker brush that is suitable for most coat types. A brush that is handcrafted, lightweight and comfortable to hold. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand which reduces wrist and hand fatigue. The brush also has an airhole that allows the pad to flex and the teeth to glide through the coat. 

Incredible dog brushing results with this wooden dog slicker brush that is made from sustainably sourced beech wood and recycled materials. This truly environmentally friendly grooming brush has been designed to not only save time brushing dogs but to also save the planet. After all what good is a slicker brush if there is no planet.

Dog Coat types can be challenging to understand, there are more than 350 recognised breeds and mixing breeds has produced even more coat types. So when choosing the best dog slicker brush we focus on 10 main coat types, these are:

  1. Smooth Coat
  2. Short Coat
  3. Combination
  4. Double
  5. Heavy
  6. Silky
  7. Long Coat
  8. Curvy/Wavy/Fleece
  9. Wire Coat
  10. Hairless

This plastic free slicker brush is perfect for all dogs with hair, we've highlighted them in red above for you. If you have a dog that is larger than a Labrador then we would recommend the large option, whilst smaller dogs would benefit from the medium as it can get into those hard to reach areas such as dog arm pits!

The best slicker brush to detangle effortlessly and make any dog look fantastic.

  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Round brush head 
  • Eco-friendly Beech Wood
  • Medium Angled Stainless Steel Pins
  • Medium Firm Slicker Brush
  • Lightweight 
  • Medium and Large