Person using a comb on a dog.

Combs are an often overlooked dog grooming tool when it comes to looking after your dogs at home! Whilst they are commonly used in salons by dog grooming professionals many people don’t feel the need to use them at home, but they can actually be incredibly useful to you.

Combs allow you to check your dog for a variety of different issues and make identifying many developing problems much easier. Allowing you to sort out any issues before they have the chance to develop into more serious problems down the line (signs to look out for skin issues).

So now we know why we should be using a dog grooming comb. But which ones can we use and how is best to use them for your dog?

Let’s dive into the dog grooming combs you can get for your dog:

Standard Grooming Comb

Metal comb on a white background.

The standard dog grooming comb is a reliable staple of the professional dog grooming industry. Used by almost every professional across the industry, this comb is an invaluable addition to your at home dog grooming tool kit.

To make best use of this comb for your dog, use this comb to slowly brush through all areas of your dog’s coat. As you gently brush through your dog’s coat look out for areas where the comb gets held up by a tangle. Once you reach this section get out your favourite slicker brush and some of our detangling spray and slowly brush through the tangle. You should notice the tangle slowly begin to loosen and once you feel it has loosened brush through with your comb to check that the tangle is gone.

(Don’t brush too hard when trying to remove a tangle! It may have developed into a mat and will need to be looked at by a groomer. Trying to sort it out yourself could lead to you hurting your dog so make sure to leave it to a professional if it doesn’t come out easily).

Whilst you use this dog grooming comb to check for tangles around your dog’s body you can also take the opportunity to lift up their hair and check your dog’s skin for any irritation and developing issues. If you discover anything, take your dog to your local groomer or if the problem seems more serious take them to the vet to have them take a look and get your dog the care they need.

If you’re interested in getting our reliable metal dog grooming comb you can find ours on our website here!

Deshedding Dog Grooming Comb

Comb with rubber handle sitting on white background.

The Deshedding Dog Grooming Comb is another great addition to your dog grooming tool kit. With this comb you can use it on dog’s with big thick coats (Bernese Mountain Dogs) to help you make deshedding their coats easier.

You can use this comb to lift up the often heavy overcoat and make accessing your dog’s undercoat much easier. Simply brush the comb through the overcoat and lift it up. Then get in there with your preferred deshedding tool and gently brush it through to collect all the dead hair from the undercoat (you can find our range of dog grooming deshedding tools here).

If you want to get yourself our deshedding comb you can find it on our website here!

In Conclusion:

Dog grooming combs, whilst overlooked for use at home, are actually incredibly useful for pet owners! If you’re interested in upgrading your at home grooming game you find our range of dog grooming combs here!


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