Dog Grooming Scissor Blades

Serrated Dog Grooming Scissors

Serrated scissors are often cheaper due to being made of a lower quality metal, this results in them blunting fast with a need to be sharpened up to 4x per year which limits their lifespan as scissors cannot be sharpened indefinitely. They are usually mass produced, have a beveled edge that ‘chops’ the coat which often leaves a poor finish. They are most suited for domestic use of for bulk work prior to using an alternative blade type to produce the quality of finish.

Convex Blades

These blades come to a point and retain their sharpness due to their higher quality metal composition. Dog Groomers can reliably deliver incredible finishes and have far less need to be sharpened if you correctly. The fine point that allows for a clean slice through the hair means you can work fast, build a better reputation and keep your customers coming back to the best groomer in town.

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