A dog groomer holding a tool against a dog's white coat.

The coat king is a fantastic dog grooming deshedding tool that is a favourite among our students and teachers in our dog grooming academy.

If you didn’t know, a coat king is a dog grooming deshedding tool which features a number of stainless steel blades. You then use these blades to brush through a dog’s undercoat and lift out pesky bits of dead hair.

Deshedding a dog’s coat is actually incredibly important, as if left unchecked it can lead to a number of health issues. Issues including: Reduced Circulation, Skin Infections, Bad Odours and Discomfort.

Hence it’s important to have a great dog grooming deshedding tool like a coat king on hand to help make deshedding 10x easier and faster for you. But which coat king is the perfect one for you and the dogs you groom?

There are a variety of different coat kings and having the right one for the dog you are using it on is important. As having a coat king where the blades are too big can lead to you not lifting out all the dead hair you need too, and having one where the blades are too small can lead to the coat king getting caught and causing discomfort for the dog.

But don’t worry we’ve got your back with this blog which will quickly run through the different types of coat kings and which one will suit you best!

So, let’s dive into the different types of coat kings you can get and which is best for your dog:

Coat King Coarse

A coat king with 14 widely spaced curved stainless steel blades. The wide gap between each of the blades make this coat king suitable for taking on thicker longer coats. As the wider gaps between the blades allow the coat king to avoid getting tangled on the thick overcoat and get straight to the undercoat .

In terms of which dogs this coat king is best suited for we recommend using this on long double coated dogs. Breeds like: German Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retrievers, etc… This coat king really comes into its own when it’s tackling a big thick coat.

Coat King Fine

This dog grooming deshedding tool features 25 tightly spaced stainless steel blades. The tight gaps between these blades makes this coat king more suited to dealing with dogs with neater shorter coats. As the small gaps between the blades allow you to collect all the dead hair that a coat king with wider gaps might miss.

In terms of which dogs we recommend using this coat king on we’d say to use this on short double coated dogs. Breeds like:  Labradors, Akitas, Pugs etc… This coat king really comes into its own when perfecting the minor details that many pet groomers might miss.

Coat King Double

The coat king double is the best of both worlds. Featuring two sets of differently spaced blades on the front and back. On the front you’ll find 9 widely spaced blades and on the back you’ll find 17 tightly spaced blades. Depending on which way you choose to hold this coat king you can use it a number of different ways. Whether you’re dealing with a thick coat or a short coat.

In terms of the breeds we’d recommend using this on, the longer side would work well on longer double coated dogs (German Shepherd). The shorter side would work well on shorted coated dogs (Labrador).

When using this coat king on a dog we’d recommend you use both sides. Starting with the wider side to clear away some of the bigger lumps of dead hair and then finishing off with the tighter side to clean up.

In Conclusion:

The coat king is an amazing dog grooming deshedding tool that should not be overlooked. Hopefully, this quick guide has given you a better idea of which coat king you should be looking to get for the dog’s that you groom.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a great coat king you can find our range of them here.

As always if you have any questions leave them in the comments and one of our pro groomers will get back to you.


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