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Brushing your dog’s coat is an important activity every dog owner needs to do! Regular brushing with a high quality dog grooming brush allows you to maintain your dog’s health and well being between their regular trips to the groomers.

When dog owners neglect to brush their dog’s coats (especially if you have a very hairy pup e.g a German Shepherd) it can lead to a variety of wider health problems. These include: matting fur, reduced circulation and skin irritation. Regular brushing can nullify the risks of your dog developing any of these problems and can keep your dog’s coat away from the clippers!

Now we know how important it is to brush your dog’s coat, but how is it best to actually brush it?

Let’s run through the various types of dog grooming brushes you can get and how to use them on the various types of breeds:

Slicker Brush

wooden dog grooming slicker brush on a white background.

The dog grooming slicker brush is a quintessential dog grooming tool that is used on almost every dog grooming salon across the world. But this magnificent brush doesn’t just have a place in the salon, it’s incredibly useful for you to use at home as well!

The slicker brush utilises angled metal pins to dive deep into your dog’s coat and help lift out all the dead hair that builds up in a dog’s coat. Slicker brushes are also equipped with an air pad beneath the pins, this allows the pins to have enough flexibility to suit the natural contours of your dog’s body.

To use: Simply brush the slicker brush through your dog’s coat, ensuring to move in the direction of natural hair growth. Lift up your brush after a few run throughs and shake out the built up dead hair that has been collected in the brush!

The dog grooming slicker brush is a versatile tool which works great on a variety of different coat types. These include:

  • Wire Coat
  • Long-Coat
  • Curly-Coat
  • Double-Coat
  • Combination Coat
  • Heavy Coat
  • Silky Coat
  • Long Coat

The dog grooming slicker brush is better suited for dog’s with an undercoat that needs a certain level of deshedding!

If you’re interested in grabbing yourself a slicker brush you can find our wide variety of amazing slicker brushes on our website here!

Rubber Bristle Brush

Wooden Dog Grooming Tool Resting on a white background.

This dog grooming brush features a set of flexible rubber bristles. These rubber bristles can be used to massage out tough tangles from shorter coated dogs. Simply just brush through the dog’s coat and stop on tangled areas and massage in a circular motion.

The great thing about this brush is you can also use it in the bath as well! Use the rubber bristles to brush through your dog’s coat in the bath and gently massage your shampoo (you can find ours here) into the dog’s coat.

This dog grooming brush is better suited for dogs with shorter coats types. These includes:

  • Wire Coat
  • Smooth Coat
  • Short Double Coat

If you’re interested in getting yourself a rubber bristle dog grooming brush you can find ours here!

Soft Bristle Brush

Wooden Brush resting on a white background.

The dog grooming soft bristle brush is another amazing dog grooming brush to add to your arsenal of dog grooming equipment at home. This brush features soft soothing bristles that are great for use on puppies or dogs with sensitive skin who may find other brushes uncomfortable.

To make the most of this brush simply brush it through your dog’s coat (in the direction of hair growth). You should notice any unwanted debris being picked up and removed from the coat by the brush.

In terms of the coat types this brush is best suited for, these include:

  • Wire Coat: Jack Russell Terrier. Kerry Blue Terrier. West Highland White Terrier. Wire Fox Terrier.
  • Short Coat: Doberman Pinscher. Greyhound. Labrador Retriever. American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Double Coat: Golden and Labrador Retrievers. German and Australian Shepherds. Pomeranians. Siberian Huskies.
  • Silky Coat: Afghan Hound, Chinese Crested (half silk and half hairless), Cocker Spaniel, Irish (or Red) Setter, Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier

If you want to get yourself a versatile soft bristle dog grooming brush you can find ours on our website here!

In Conclusion:

Brushing your dog’s coat is incredibly important for maintaining their health and happiness! Having the right dog grooming brush can make your life and your dog’s life a lot easier when it comes time to brush their coat. If you’re interested in grabbing one of our dog grooming brushes you can find our whole range here!


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