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Brushing your dog’s coat is one of the most essential things you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy at home. When dog owners slack off on using a dog grooming brush, that’s when serious health problems can arise! With nasty tangles forming, that if left for too long will cause your dog discomfort and potentially damage their skin underneath their coat.

That’s why brushing your dog regularly is so important! But now you know why you need to brush, which brush do you need for your dog?

There are a seemingly endless number of brushes available out there and if you pick the wrong one you could potentially do more harm than good! That’s why being informed about the various types of brushes and which one is right for your dog is so important for pet owners.

But don’t worry we’re here to help you get started! In this blog we’ll detail the various types of brushes available for you to use and help you find out which one is the perfect match for your dog!

So without further ado let’s dive into the various types of dog grooming brushes you can use for your dog!

Types of dog grooming brush:

Slicker Brush:

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Wooden Medium Pin Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is arguably the most common type of dog grooming brush used by pro groomers and pet owners alike. This is due in part to its versatility when it comes to the coat types it can be used on. 

The slicker brush features sturdy angled pins that when used effectively dive deep into a variety of dog’s coat to remove tough tangles and dead hair. Reducing the risk of any tangle related tantrums and also helping your dog feel light and comfortable in their own coat.

These angled pins come in various lengths, so getting the right one for your dog is also important. A good rule of thumb to follow is: The shorter the coat, the shorter the pins, the longer the coat the longer the pins! It’s a simple rule but hopefully it can be a helpful guide to make sure you get the right dog grooming brush for your dog.

As well as having different sized pins, the slicker brush itself actually comes in some different sizes, ranging from medium to large. We recommend again here that if you have a smaller dog go for the smaller size and if you have a bigger dog go for the bigger size. This means that with small dogs you can be more delicate when brushing and with big dogs you don’t need to stand around brushing for an eternity.

When it comes to the various coat types the slicker brush can be used on the list is actually quite inclusive. It is most commonly used on long-haired double coated dogs (like a Labrador) and curly haired dogs (like a Cockapoo). As these dogs are more likely to develop painful tangles and have buildups of dead hair that need to be removed.

Although the slicker brush is versatile there are actually a few coat types you need to avoid when using this dog grooming brush. These are smooth coated dogs (like a Greyhound), hairless dogs (like a Chinese Crested Dog) and dogs with corded coats (like a Komondor). Using a slicker brush on these coat types would only do more harm than good and definitely cause your dog to yelp!

SLICKER BRUSH TIP: When using the slicker brush make sure to be gentle, applying too much pressure can hurt your pup! If you’re finding it hard to work out tangles consider using our De-Tangle & Conditioning Spray before brushing. If you do you’ll notice tough tangles brushing out in an instant without you having to apply too much pressure!

Rubber Bristle Brush:

Rubber bristle brushes are an amazing and versatile dog brush option that work well in a number of different grooming situations. One such situation where this brush really shines is at bath time! Use this brush during baths to massage shampoo into your dog’s coat, while simultaneously working out tangles and removing dead hair. Leaving behind a smooth knot free coat for further brushing after the bath.

This rubber bristle dog grooming brush can also be used outside of bath time. Working great as a deshedding tool for short and smooth coated dogs (like a Jack Russell or a Greyhound). Working well to gently massage out any tangles and dead hair that may have built up in your dog’s top coat, leaving a smooth finish.

The rubber bristles of this brush are soft to the touch whilst also being strong enough to dig deep into your dog’s coat. With regular use of this brush encouraging healthy bodily functions like: Hair growth and improved circulation.

Overall this brush is a great tool to use on all dog’s at bath time, but you’ll find the best deshedding results outside of the bath when you use this on a short/smooth coated dog.

RUBBER BRISTLE TIP: When using this brush at bath time use one of our conditioning shampoos! Then not only will your dog’s coat look smooth, it will feel soft and smooth to the touch as well (whilst also smelling amazing!).

Soft Bristle Brush:

Wooden Brush resting on a white background.
Soft Bristle Brush

The soft bristle dog grooming brush is a great starter brush for young puppies who are not familiar/have some anxiety around the grooming process. With its gentle bristles helping to ease anxious puppies into the grooming process, whilst not over stimulating them.

Outside of working great on anxious pups, this brush is also great for brushing any ‘sensitive’ areas your dog may have such as: the face, paws and hygiene areas. With the soft bristles gently cleaning and smoothing areas where other brushes (like a slicker) may cause some discomfort for your dog.

This brush is suitable for all coat types and can be either used on its own or alongside some water at bath time. We recommend using this brush at bath time when attending to the more ‘sensitive’ areas we mentioned previously.

Outside of the bath this brush can be used on smooth/short coated dogs (like a beagle) to gently remove dead hair from your dog’s top coat. Gently massaging your dog as you brush, leading to improved circulation and stimulation of natural oil glands that keep your pups coat shiny and soft.

SOFT BRISTLE TIP: When using this brush outside of the bath use our De-Tangling & Conditioning Spray! This will make your pup’s coat easier to brush whilst leaving behind a soft coat with a fruity tropical scent.

In Conclusion:

There are a lot of different dog grooming brushes out there to choose from and finding the right one for you and your dog is really important. We hope this blog has helped you get a better idea of what brush you need for your dog!

If you’ve read this far you must share our passion for ensuring dog’s are properly looked after and can live the happiest life possible! So if you have any specific questions about the needs of your dog, don’t hesitate to comment below!

One of our team of professional pet groomers will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you make the best choice for you!

At Groomarts we stock almost every type of dog grooming brush under the sun! So if you’re interested in getting your dog the brush they deserve click here to check out our full range!


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